Saturday, June 29, 2019

Haunted Hayrides

Tonight we will talk about some Hayride history among what our favorite Hayrides are that we have been to.

Haunted Hayrides go back about until the late 1970s early 1980s but really have only come into their own in the last 10 years. Hayrides took a lot of time to turn into what we now have which are amazing, expensive spectacles year after year. When we first started this site, we were lucky to sit down with the owners of Field of Screams and talk about what life was like when the Hayrides started opening on farms or attractions that owned land. How a lot of the scenes were really just plywood cut outs and people just dressed in black hiding in shadows to yell "boo".

As you can see from some of your favorite Haunted Hayrides, we have come a very long way from plywood. Especially at Field of Screams, every year this place blows my mind with everything going on in their Hayride. From giant explosions to crazy scenes. From being trapped in sheds without knowing what is happening next to crazy animatronics that look and feel so real. Hayrides have now become the best part of the night at Haunts that participate in them. We are very lucky to have quite a few attractions close by that offer amazing Hayrides year in and year out.

From cutouts to giant animatronic monsters trying to destroy you. You can say Haunted Hayrides have grown out of control in the last few decades. I know it is something i start looking forward to in December. Sitting in the dark, hearing the faint screaming, as you go down a dark road with a bunch of strangers not knowing what you are about to witness. I guess there is a psychological fear alone with just that, then you add in explosions, madness and great acting. It makes for one hell of a ride every year.

Some of our favorite Hayrides that we have been to.

4. Bloodshed Farms- Columbus, NJ. Bloodshed is a growing Haunt that excels standards every year. It will move up this ladder as they continue to build yearly. It is a different take to a hayride which we can appreciate. It is set up like you are on the way to your burial and you see what you see when you die. very different but very entertaining.

3. Bates Motel and Hayride- Glen Mills, PA. Bates is another Hayride like Field of Screams that has been going at it for 25 plus years. Very long and extremely detailed. They do an amazing job year after year and always try to push the bar. But, for Bates Motel, the actual motel is hands down the best attraction at Bates Motel and Hayride.

2. Frightland-Middletown, Delaware. Frightland is always an epic night out. We haven not left this place before 1 am ever. This Haunted Attraction will fill your entire night and you will have the best time doing it. among the 8 attractions at Frightland is the Haunted Hayride. Number two on our list because they kill it every year. We always do this first because it will take you to three other attractions after it finishes. We always enjoy this hayride. It brings a ton of fear and passion with every scene you move through.

1. Field of Screams- Mountville, PA. In our humble opinion. We do not think there is a single Hayride in this country or world that can compete with Field of Screams. There is not much more to say about it but it sets our calendar every year. This is the Haunt that starts our season off right. We start wanting to go in December so it is a very long wait until September. Easily, the best Haunted Hayride we have ever been on.

We cannot wait until the season starts and we see what our favorite Haunts have added on top of new haunts we will get to see this year. We are always shocked to find the improvements year after year. But 2019 is looking like its going to be a very special year. Also! we are still looking for Haunt Enthusiasts surrounding the United States. We are looking to break free from our area and we need your help. Please Email us at if you are interested. Just click the link and tell us about your self and where your from, we seriously are looking to enter all 50 states in the upcoming years and you can get in on the ground floor. Click today!

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