Thursday, June 27, 2019

How Young is Too Young for Haunted Attractions?

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Welcome back to HH365. Tonight we will discuss at what age is a responsible age to finally scare the living hell out of your kids or brothers and sisters or whoever you have been looking forward to sharing the experience with.

A lot of Haunts today will have the ages they would like you to stay above posted on their respective websites, but some are very vague so I figured this could be a pretty decent topic to help plan the upcoming season.

When I visit a Haunt, I do notice tons of ankle biters everywhere. Some kids I see handle it very well and others you want to ask the parents what are they doing here knowing damn well they cant handle it. I think about taking my kids year after year but i still wait for them to show me that they are ready.

I really think it boils down to the kids themselves. If you take me for an example, I started watching Horror movies around 2-3 years old. Yes Yes Yes I know! But, it installed the love i have for all things scary and creepy and I turned out just fine. But, when I look at my children, I believe they are too sensitive still. They have only recently started asking about Freddy, Jason, Michael and Chucky. I am so excited to get them started on the path but at 10 and 7, I feel like it is a late start. Where as my girlfriend has had her son on Haunted Hayrides since he was three.

Its a funny balance, in one hand you want to see how the child reacts at maybe a volunteer fire company walk through. On the other hand, what if they hate it and never want to go back because it was too soon.

There is no right or wrong answer to this debate. There is no way to tell if the kiddo will enjoy it or not like it or gets terrified. Best action is to just use your judgement based on their personality. This may be the year my oldest gets to go to a walk through. Or it may not. I am leaving it 100% up to him this year, but next year he is going and we will see the reaction. Also, always follow the rules set fourth by the Haunt you plan to visit. The all have it posted on their websites what to expect. So, please do not try your kid in a Haunt and them bad comment the Haunt because your kid ran for his like three seconds in to the first house. It is their job to scare you, that is why they exist!

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