Thursday, September 13, 2018


Welcome Back Everyone for what will become an amazing Haunt Tour this year. Our Tour will begin this Saturday Night at Field of Screams. Fans of the website, feel free to come on over and say HI!!!

This Haunt Tour begins Saturday and will roll into almost the middle of November. We have a few locked down to start the season with and a few we are still waiting to hear from. Now, some of these dates may change and if a change happens I will update the site as soon as possible. But, lets take a look at what we know for sure!

Sept 15th. Field of Screams
Sept 28th. Nightmare on Gravity Hill
Sept 29th. Bates Motel
Oct  11th. Brighton Asylum
Oct  13th. Frightland
Oct  14th. Bloodshed Farms

So far, that is the locked in lineup. We have been contacted and have reached out to a couple more and continue to work on dates and timing. But again, Comer and say hi. You will know us when you see us. We are the walking Billboards. We will see all of you out there! Our Season is Upon us!

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