Saturday, August 11, 2018


Spirit, Spirit, Spirit. I really do not know where to start with the 2018 review of Spirit Halloween. On Thursday, The Flagship Spirit location opened its doors for the public. This review will be tougher then normal. Maybe because I am built for tougher scares and left the cute Halloween stuff back when i was two. Or maybe Spirit has really gone down hill. This year being the worst of them all for a while now.

Take a look at the picture below.
Are there really clowns lurking around farmlands? Did i miss something in my years of Haunting. What are they doing here. Ladies and Gentleman, this is what you do as a company when you cannot get a hold of the IT film rights. Sure, there are farm related objects in this "field" but none are scary. There is nothing scary about a scare crow that just moves. These "Animatronics" used to threaten and actually scare you. Now they just move and say some token phrase that has no place.

Going back to my license point. Spirit did come through this year with some Film Animatronics and props. Here is a look at the average Micheal Myers Animatronic.
This plays the Halloween Theme song and moves around a little bit. But, click closer onto the eyes. I am not sure what Halloween movie Spirit Halloween saw but this is ridiculous. The Mask and the eyes are horrible for a license piece. We will take a look at some decent license pieces.
Here you can see some Halloween Door Greeters. Of course, they play the song and the eyes light up for some reason. But it looks a lot better then the full size Animatronic. You can also see the regular Chucky dolls down below also to the side you can see the Chucky and Micheal Myers candy/popcorn bowls.These are pretty cool to leave the candy in for the little ones.

On a little different note. Reaching back into my childhood. Spirit did have some really cool Ghostbuster items.
Seen above and also not pictured is the Full Size Proton pack. It makes noise and has lights and is really heavy for a prop. I was impressed with it.

Since it was the grand opening, there was some things that were not being Demonstrated yet. Such as a Chucky doll that moves around your floor wielding a knife and threatening to take over your Soul.

Our final review of Spirit this year? We have decided to wait until the season is fully in swing to see if there are any more props we have not seen set up yet. We are really looking forward to seeing the Chucky Doll among other things we have received emails about.

Our Haunt schedule is coming along. It will be posted as soon as we finalize where we are going! See all of you soon!

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