Thursday, July 19, 2018


Welcome back everyone to this quick edition of HH365. As an Everything Haunt website we like to scan the internet and find unique and fun sources for Haunted attractions, Movies, Real Ghost stories and basically anything creepy. We have been listening to a lot of podcast recently to get us ready for the upcoming Haunt Season and a few months ago we found two awesome chicks who do a fantastic job covering Horror flicks.

We would like to introduce you to The Horror Hoes. The Horror Hoes is a weekly podcast brought to us by two awesome, very down to earth Women who put on a hilarious yet insightful look into the movies we all know and love.

The best part of the show is listening to the two of them go back and forth. You can feel that they have been friends for a life time because it is the same connection I have with my closest friends. And everyone can share that feeling with the friends in their life. They keep it entertaining for the entire show.
There are a ton of horror movie podcasts out there. Some that take it way too deep that you do not care about the movie anymore because their criticizing every structure and script point in the movie. Like, we get it, you went to film school. How about we calm down and enjoy the gore! There is also ones that take to heart what all these"Movie Critics " have to say. And non stop ramble what review site said what and how they completely agree. There is no intelligent thinking behind most Horror Podcasts. They either regurgitate what other people have said or what they learned from their year of film school. It gets sickening over time. It is bad enough that Horror receives no love from Hollywood or Hollywood channels. But yet, when was the last Romantic Comedy Convention? When was the last Drama Convention. I do not ever remember seeing people waiting six hours every year to meet a Romantic Comedy star. But yet, Town after Town there are filled Convention halls dedicated to what? HORROR!

That is exactly what brought me to The Horror Hoes. While Educated and Thoughtful, these Woman just purely enjoy the Genre. Not only do they know what there talking about, but they have fun doing it. This is what podcast were meant to be. Not scripted mini series just stealing what others have done. We are actually going to rank this Podcast to begin getting in the mood for the upcoming Haunt Season. Here is what HH365 gives the Horror Hoes on their weekly production.
So Everyone, as we start gearing up for Haunt and Horror season. Lets Follow these two stars in the making They can be found at
From there you can find out about them and how to follow them on all Social Media. Including how to follow the Podcast on however you listen to your Podcasts. The Logo on this page is property of the Horror Hoes who also do an amazing job with creation and design! We could really learn from them!

As for whats coming next at HH365. We have some new Haunts we want to make it out to this year. We are still grinding away on a schedule. As soon as the schedule is completed, we will post on the website so everyone can add their two cents or even come meet up with us. We love meeting fans and enjoy talking to all of you. So until; next time! Go Follow the Horror Hoes and keep posted on our upcoming Haunt Tour Plans. It looks like a very busy September, October and even November.

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