Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Welcome back to the next installment of Halloween Haunts 365. This episode will take a look at upcoming Haunt improvements and anything new coming to your favorite Haunts in the upcoming season.

It is very hard to believe that we are exactly 80 days away from our first Haunt of 2018. We always start our tour at what has become our favorite Haunted Attraction over the years, Field of Screams. We will be out there September 15th at 7 pm. This is our Annual Haunt Tour Kickoff. We plan on visiting a few new Haunts this season as we have been busy reaching out to new and different Haunts for the 2018 Season. We are always looking to grow the website and we are not afraid of a little travel. So if you have a haunt, and want us out to review it, it is very easy to get a hold of us!

Lets get into what we have confirmed as new additions to some of our stomping grounds!

First up, Field of Screams. This year we can look forward to a total rebuild of the Toxic scene in the Hayride! To beef up the hayride some more we can expect to see a major overhaul to the Pig Scene in the Hayride. The Den of Darkness added a spider cave and a parlor room. The Asylum added a certain kind of experiment. You will have to go see it know what it is! Also, a lot of new additions to Nocturnal Wasteland. The biggest addition to Field of Screams this year are three new Escape Room Games in the entertainment area. They are 5 minute versions of escape rooms that only cost five dollars each. Which is an amazing deal for an escape room. You have three to choose from. The Heist, Jailbreak and Captured. Wow! Field of Screams has been Very Busy getting ready for 2018.

Second on our list is Bloodshed Farms. These guys always kill them selves every off season to completely add to their Haunt. We are expecting to see changes in every attraction. Plus, a new fun carnival game that fits Haunts appropriately. This game is very fun but also very hard. We cant wait to play it again! When i had a chance to talk to the owners of this great haunt. The told me they were focusing heavily on just increasing what Bloodshed Farms can do. There will also be mini escape rooms along with The Camper escape room. Looking forward to seeing the improvements in action!

Well, I would love to add all the upgrades coming to Frightland this year. But, we do not have any. That is completely fine. We love being surprised just as much as everyone else when we enter a Haunt. We always look forward to our night in Delaware at Frightland.

So far to date, Brighton Asylum has the biggest project going for the 2018 season. A whole new Attraction. The Bleeding Grounds. This Attraction takes guests on a journey through the staff quarters of Brighton Asylum. Located on the second floor of the Asylum. This had to be a monster achievement to take on and have it ready for 2018. We can not wait to enter the Bleeding Grounds.

Well, That is our news section as of right now. We are starting our emails and contacts to start attempting to plan our Haunt Tour for 2018. As we get in contact, we are sure there will be plenty more news to come!

So make sure you stay tuned to everything coming for 2018. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any comments or want to know where we will be and when! Until Next Time! We will see you soon!

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