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Welcome back to the next episode of Halloween Haunts Our first stop on our 2018 Haunt Tour brought us to Field Of Screams located in Mountville, PA. This is the day we wait all year for and it came up huge!

This Haunt brought the pain this year. We had a Newbie in our group to really see the impact a World Class Haunt can have on the unsuspecting. 2018 at Field of Screams brought laughs, screams, dirty knees and some real world tears and fright. I often forget how extreme these Haunted Attractions have become since we have become so desensitized by going through so many each year. But Field of Screams had a good friend of ours calling it Hell on Earth. Seeing her break down like that really brought it all back on why we love this stuff so much. So to start, Stacy, I am very sorry to have you quiver in fright and tears. But you really made me realize why we love this kind of entertainment. You'll be OK!

Lets start this Review with some of the new features at Field of Screams! They added a few 5 minute escape rooms that will add to your night out.
These escape rooms are popping up all over the Haunt Universe. We did not test these out as we had a longer then normal ride home but if the creators of Field of Screams put these together, there is no doubt in my ind they are awesome! This just adds a little extra on top of the fun carnival games set up and plenty of food set up to make it a full out spooky evening! Lets get to the guts of Field of Screams.
As we do year after year, we started 2018 on our favorite Hayride season after season. 2018 was no different. This hayride was extreme this year. The actors were intense and in your face through out the entire ride! They added some new features that you will have to check out for your self. So, when you finish reading this article, get in the car! The scenes were on point and there was very little down time. The increased the thrill this year without a doubt! This hayride is already in the running for Best Hayride of 2018! we outright all voted on the scores seen below and its much deserved! This was easily the most intense Hayride we have seen. This is also where our dear friend decided she was done and wanted to hang out at the tent while we finished the rest of the attractions. Lets get to the scoring.
It was No Doubt 5 blood-splats across the board. So with no surprise, here is the overall rating of the Haunted Hayride at Field of Screams

Now will continue on to the improved Nocturnal Wasteland. 
Last year, Nocturnal Wasteland added a gigantic walk way that took you above the Hayride and integrated it together. I have never seen a Haunted Trail take you to these heights. Walking in and out of various scenes and great props along the way. We think this year they added some cool new scenes and props. Do not worry, that gate will not slam you to the floor while impaling you. The only negative thing we can say about this attraction is lack of actors. It felt a little long between scares and there was not a whole lot of places for them to hide and really get the scream out of you. That being said, it is still a very fun walk through. Just really not the best at Field of Screams. Lets get to the scoring. 
As you can see, Nocturnal Wasteland took a little bit of a dive when it came to Actors and Fear Factor. But you can also see that it is very original. There are zero walk through attractions that take you a good 20 feet in the air. Lets get to the overall rating for Nocturnal Wasteland. 

 Next up, Den of Darkness
Den of Darkness added a few new scenes and props for 2018. This attraction was usually my favorite every year but this year, another attraction won for me hands down! This not take away from the amazing job Den of Darkness did this season. Den of Darkness went hard as usual and literally made my girlfriend run almost completely out of the park. Great use of fear to send a veteran running for the hills! lets get to the scoring.
Lets see the Overall for Den of Darkness

Now! We move onto our Favorite Attraction of the year so far! Lets talk about Frightmare Asylum.
This was the hit of the night. Frightmare Asylum brought it so hard this year. The actors were on straight fire. This generated at least 4 movie quality screams out of the Girlfriend and even caught out other friend Bruce off guard a few times. The new scenes and props were out of this world. Amazing job out of this attraction this year! Lets just get to the scoring which you can already guess!
And If we had a 6 blood-splat award, it would have received it for 2018. Very much in the lead for 2018 Attraction of the year!
Just another amazing year at Field of Screams. Hands down one of the best nights we had out at a Haunt. This is always on our must see list every year. This year is no different. Make sure you plan the short trip to Field of Screams, it is always worth it. World Class Effort this year. A huge shout out to the owners are in order! We thank you so much for inviting us year after year to review your Masterpiece. And to all of you Haunt Actors out there...Great job! you totally killed it this year, we are very impressed. The Entire Field of Screams Family should be really proud of the job you are doing. So go spend the night at Field of Screams, you will not be disappointed. Here are a few more pictures we took and we will wrap up the overall Haunt Score.
Always a fun night. Lets get to the Overall Score.
Field of Screams is already in the running for Haunt of the Year, What are you guys waiting for????? Until next time, we are HHN365. We will see you after the next Haunt!

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