Saturday, September 29, 2018


Welcome back to the next installment of HH365! We are so excited to head into the meat of our favorite time of year. Haunt Season! The fog is flowing, the screams are loud, the chainsaws are burning through fuel. There is nothing on earth quite like Haunt Season! So, without further ado, lets head into our next stop on our 2018 Haunt Tour, Nightmare on Gravity Hill!
Nightmare on Gravity Hill is a very unique Haunted Attraction. This is one large walk through attractions with a ton of different scenes along the trail. As you can see from the picture above that they have die hard fans looking forward to getting scared. We were happy to see such a large crowd so early in the Haunt Season. There is a nice jumbo screen to watch some nice horror bits as you wait in line for the terror that awaits you. This attraction is not broken up into different lines and different attractions. The unique perk of Nightmare is that you only wait in line once. After you enter the nightmare, it keeps up the pace all attraction long. Great use of lighting and interesting hiding spots, the cast can fully surround you and bring that scream about.
Nightmare on Gravity Hill is about a half hour walk through with no breaks. We usually do not enjoy these as much as it does not give us a chance to reflect on our last attraction. But! We noticed with the long walk through that it really added to the Horror as you really did not know when you would be safe. It felt like it just kept going and going. We were impressed with how they were able to keep your tension so high through the attraction.

There were many different scenes as you ventured through the attraction. A pyramid with mummy. An asylum filled with nuts. An amazing screening of Night of the Living Dead. plus, much much more. Also, priced at only 25 dollars, Nightmare at Gravity Hill is very worth the price tag of admission. So grab your friends and head to Jackson, NJ for a great night!

We are just going to give an overall since it was really all together and difficult to photograph different scenes.  But, here is the overall score for Nightmare on Gravity Hill!
Thank you all for coming back. Tonight we will be heading to The Bates Motel and Hayride. Feel free to come say hi! Until next time! We are Halloween Haunts

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