Friday, October 5, 2018


Welcome back everyone to the next review for the 2018 Haunt Review Tour! Tonight's trip took us to the Bates Motel and Hayride. Located right outside of Philadelphia, PA. Bates Motel has been operating for 26 years and still going very strong. Lets get to the bloody meat of this review.

First attraction we hopped on was the Haunted Hayride.
The Bates Motel Hayride is a good time. A decent length ride through various scenes inside and out. There are some pretty unique scenes throughout the ride but there is also a lot of areas that repeat its self and other Haunts hayrides. For the Bates Motel, they love them some rednecks. The actors were great and engaged but the hill billy scenes seemed repetitious. The Actors also seemed to be a little too funny for a Haunted Hayride. Don't get us wrong, this is still the best Hayride in the Philadelphia area. Lets get to the scoring for The Bates Motel Hayride Scoring. 
This was a tough one for us to grade as we have always enjoyed the hayride here. But, with times changing we think they could use a couple more things to bring this Hayride back to a 5 blood splat level. Here is our overall of Bates Hayride. 

Moving on, Our next Attraction for the evening was The Bates Motel. This Haunted House is the real deal when it comes to Haunted Attractions. This Attraction has it all!
The Bates Motel Attraction will rival any Attraction you put it up against. This was our favorite attraction for our 2018 review of Bates Motel. In what seems like that little Motel you will see some of the finest scene designs and props you will see anywhere. From levitating girls to a crazy Annabelle doll coming after you. I don't want to give up too much but here is the scoring for The Bates Motel.
There is no doubt about the Final Score of the Bates Motel Walk Through.
And for the last review of the evening. That brings us to their overhauled Haunted Trail. Revenge of the Scarecrows.
This Attraction is a pretty long Trail Attraction that takes you through many scenes and attractions. Designed around Scarecrows among a ton of other sinister forces along this trail. Not only filled with scarecrows seeking revenge, there are a ton other scenes that will chill you to the bone, especially if you fear snakes and spiders. This was a pretty entertaining walk through. Don't want to give up much so we will get to the scoring.
Lets get to the overall score for Revenge of the Scare Crows.
There are more things to do at Bates Motel and Hayride. You can spend a good amount of time there for an evening out. We were lucky enough to even try out their 5 minute escape room! This was fun and very challenging for only 5 bucks per person. Cannot beat the prices there and it was actually pretty involved for a 5 minute escape room that are popping up all over Haunts everywhere. Bates Motel actually also operates 3 full time escape rooms off property. So get on the web and book your party today!
There is also a good food stand, freshly made doughnut stand, a cool gift shop even though they do not sell mugs so my collection will stay incomplete! Take a look below!
Also, after you are done buying a cool Bates Motel hoodie, take a ride in a coffin!

Well, this was difficult for our crew, but from the beginning we wanted to pride ourselves into honest and full reviews. We want to thank Everyone involved in our visit, it was a pleasure meeting you and we will have some interviews coming from some of the staff from Bates Motel at another date. We do not like stopping the managers and actors from doing their job on Game Night. Here is our final score for The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride.
Everyone should head out to Bates Motel, located just minutes from Philadelphia. Still a Top Attraction in our area!

Thanks for stopping by along our Haunt Tour, We have a few more stops to make starting with Frightland next weekend. Looking forward to seeing you out there!

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