Tuesday, March 6, 2018

HHN #3 American Horror Story

Welcome back to the next episode in our coverage of HHN. We hope you enjoy our look back at last years HHN. We know we enjoy bringing you back what we saw and if we found the visit worth the money.

Tonight’s journey brings us into one of my favorite walk through on this trip. American Horror Story.

American Horror Story the walk through started in the Murder House and took you right into the Coven. So, with the AHS walk through you start at the beginning in the murder house. Surrounded by many of the horrifying visuals from the first season this was an exciting start to the walk through. From men in skin tight black bondage outfits to crazy old ladies who talk to ghosts.  

The next part of the walk through took you into the heart of AHS Asylum. This being one of my favorite episodes I was so happy to see this done very well. Just like the episode you really found your self deep in the bowels of Briarcliff Mental Institution. From the common room with the crazy ass song playing on repeat to the dungeon level where the Doctor kept his evil experiments. The final walk through for this scene was the main staircase room where everything has been destroyed. This looked 100% like the TV show. 

After you leave asylum, you enter the crazy witch’s series as in AHS Coven. The Coven walk through was hard for us to look at because we had not seen that series yet. But after coming home we dug deep into the series and found that they did an amazing job all around. From the main headquarters for the Coven to the torture chambers of Marie Delphine LaLaurie.

Over all we enjoyed this attraction. HHN did a great job bringing American Horror Story to life. Let’s get to our scoring. 

Thank you for reading! Also, make sure you check out our information on the Haunt Convention coming soon!

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