Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Welcome back to the next episode of Halloween Haunts 365.com. We hope you enjoyed our last review of The Shining walk through. Today we will review an Original Attraction at HHN, Dead Waters.

Dead Waters was easily the best set up attraction. The second you enter the main room, there is a gigantic ship set in a foggy swamp. The scene is set with a very old steam ship run aground in what looks like a very dense swamp.

Inside of the ship is when you find out you are not alone. Flush through out the entire ship are the souls of the sailors and crew left for dead. Or should I say, Undead. These actors were amazing. This attraction uses not only jump scares and animatronics but also uneven walkways. There were scenes where you really thought you were in a ship that was capsizing.

 The best way I can describe Dead Waters was to think back to Pirates of the Caribbean 2. The movie with all the sailors with shells and crustaceans growing on them. It looked a lot like that but much scarier.   

Every turn took you into a different part of the ship. We really enjoyed this walk through as a whole because it was so original. It was a different kind of horror to experience and the hours put in must have been legendary to construct such a detailed walk through.

 Yes, HHN has pretty much more resources and space then any Haunt we know of. Yes, they have full crews and year-round income. But Dead Waters really pushed the imagination. It I well deserved of the rating we gave it. 

 Here is the scoring for Dead Waters. 
Thank you all for your time. Also, don’t forget! There is a Haunt Convention coming to our own neck of the woods! Make sure you buy your tickets now!

Until next time. Talk to you soon!

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