Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Welcome back to our next installment of Halloween Haunts Today we will be heading back to HHN in Orlando, Florida. HHN is where they really bring movies to life and you get to walk through them. The movies the next reviews will cover are pictured below. 

Along with Hollywood caliber designed walk throughs, HHN is full of designated Scare Zones. This year we got to see The Purge, Trick or Treat and some crazy demon nightmare that was crazy impressive.

 Our first review will be on The Shining. Everyone remembers this outstanding classic horror flick. Set in a haunted hotel deep in the mountains. Some see this classic as one of the scariest movies ever made. 
Walking through the attraction was much like the Movie. Every twist and turn modeled directly from the Overlook Hotel. As you walk through, you really notice how haunted the hotel really is and how crazy Jack is getting. From the twins to the crazy blood rushing down the staircase, this attraction had it all.

Another cool tool of fear used by the HHN crew was the use of temperature change.  Towards the end of the maze, you notice you are outside of the Overlook hotel and then it starts to snow. Also, the temperature drops an easy 40 degrees. Right from inside the hotel to the garden maze, it pours cold air onto you to give you the feeling of being in that freezing cold.

Here is the scoring for the entire attraction The Shining.
That is our first HHN review. Make sure you come back and check out the rest of the reviews from Orlando.

 Also make sure you keep checking back for updates on the Haunt Convention coming to Atlantic City, NJ. We will have all details coming shortly. 
You can get your tickets right here, so get them now!

Until next time everyone! 

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