Monday, February 5, 2018


We wanted to let all of our fans know we are back from our off season Hiatus. After some extreme technical difficulties. We are back. We are very much looking forward to the 2018 season that is just a few months away. We will also start working on the reviews for HHN from this past year to get started on the upcoming season. They will follow shortly.

First I would like to congratulate The Philadelphia Eagles on winning Super Bowl 52. I know your Author has been waiting so very long for that moment. Great job all around.

Now that the Holidays are gone, it is time to start looking at the 2018 Haunt season. We will be reaching out to owners and actors to see whats new and happening around the world of Haunting.

One big piece of news for our local area. We are getting a Haunt Convention! Yup! Right in Atlantic City, NJ.
This was borrowed from their main site. Looks like a good time to meet up with all of our Haunting family. Feel free to click the link for details.

Also, we have an upcoming Horror Con in Cherry Hill NJ. Monster Mania! 

We had a great time at this event the last time we visited. Here is the link below.  we also borrowed this image from their website. So both websites receive credit for their awesome logos!

That is all we have for now. Stay tuned for our Reviews of HHN in Orlando. We had a Great and Exhausting two days of fun. Talk to all of you soon! Lets go 2018 Haunt Season!

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