Saturday, November 4, 2017


Tonight’s Journey brings the HH365 team up north a little bit to Bloodshed Farms.

Bloodshed Farms is located directly across the Columbus Market on Rt. 206 in Columbus, NJ. Last year, this Haunted Attraction was easily one of our favorite stops on last year’s tour. We view Bloodshed Farms as a special type of Haunted Attraction that keeps growing and growing. We love going to see what they added from last year.

After getting our tickets, we got a chance to speak with the Co-Owner of the Haunt. Like a True Haunt Enthusiast, he would not give us any details on anything that’s new or added. That’s fine by us as we were about to enter the attraction and see it for ourselves. After discussing the Haunt Industry for a couple minutes, We headed to our first attraction. The Last Ride!
The Last Ride is a unique look at the typical Haunted Hayride. You travel through the Cornfields in a very different wagon then you are used too. We won’t give up too much detail, but the Hayride is not the only scare on your trip. This year, we felt that they Hayride was missing something that we could not quite put our thumb on. Something felt a little off this season on our trip. Maybe a rough actor night but The Last Ride was the only attraction that did not really grow from 2016. Let us get to our scoring.

Next up for the evening. Hellsgate Asylum. This Attraction is your Asylum Walk through. But far, far from your standard Asylum. This Attraction is stocked full of great actors and awesome props around every turn. With the best use of fog and music we have seen this year, this attraction was awesome. Will be in the running for Best Attraction of the Year from HH365. Let us get to the scoring before I Spoil All the Secrets.

After Hellsgate Asylum, we headed over to the Clown-O-Phobia attraction. This was our favorite out of Bloodshed Farms last year. Just like last year, Clown-O-Phobia takes the cake of all Clown Attractions this site has covered. The Hands-Down Best Clowns in the Area makes this attraction so special. Throw in a confusing maze and Awesome Actors, Clown-O-Phobia is always one of the Attractions we always look forward to. Here is the scoring on Clown-O-Phobia.
Also, If you find your self in need of Clowntertainment. Yes, That is in fact a made up word. Good Job! Reach out to these guys. You will not be disappointed. 

The last Attraction of the night brings us to Trail of Terror. One of 2016s Flops turned into an Amazing Attraction. Our hats go off to the amount of work that went into the Trail this year. This Attraction grew 10 times over from last year. It was Creepy and perfectly timed Jump Scares that come from area you do not expect. This will easily be in the running for Most Improved Attraction of 2017. Let us get to the scoring.
That is the four Attractions at Bloodshed Farms, but that is not all there is to do out there. Also, you can enter the Bloodshed. A single patron at a time attraction that will make you quiver under your darkest fears. Lock yourself into the Bloodshed and see if you can survive.
Also Appearing at Bloodshed Farms for its first year in service. The Camper Escape Room. The Camper Escape Room is a 15 minutes-Live Action, Interactive Escape Room Experience. Yes, Many Haunts now have Escape Rooms, but How many are fully Mobile? Great Idea from the brains at Bloodshed Farms. It will also be at many different locations throughout the year to keep Haunt Season Alive!
Here is our Overall Score for Bloodshed Farms!
Thank you all for a great 2017 Haunt Tour. We have a couple more stops before we wrap up our season including a Full HHN Review! Keep it here for your Haunted Addiction! We will continue with Interviews, Movie Reviews, Haunt News and more as we continue our year round coverage of Everything Haunted!

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