Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Before we begin tonight's journey, I wanted to change our scoring for sometime with the Animatronics voting. Not ever Haunt has Animatronics and a bigger reason for the change is they are not always needed to complete the scare. So going forward, Animatronics will be changed to Props, which are vital to any Haunts Success. Now lets gets to FRIGHTLAND.

Welcome back for the next edition of Halloween Haunts 365. Tonight’s stop on the 2017 Haunt Tour brings us to Middletown, Delaware to Frightland!

This was our third trip to Frightland. Frightland is always a great night out! We look forward to this stop every year. Packed full with 8 Attractions and an entire Carnival with great food, what is there not to love?

After parking and heading in we saw the massive line of people waiting to get their tickets to the fun. As big as the line was, they were moving very quickly. Good work by the Frightland team. Like we do and everyone should do at Frightland first. We headed to the Haunted Hayride.

Frightland understands that wait times can be dreadful for people in them. So Frightland makes their longest line the most fun. With a live DJ and music videos playing on a Giant Screen, the wait seems so much better than just standing in a field waiting for the people in front of you to move. After listening to a great play list of music, you are ready for the Hayride. Something new for 2017 with the Hayride was a new Que System. This was a great idea on their part. You are taken from your line and put in a creepy lit “barn” with seats as you awaited your ride. We really enjoyed the eerie light and just waiting for something to happen before the ride even started. Plus, after waiting in that line, it was nice to sit down quicker than you normally would.

As you enter the Hayride, the one thing I always enjoyed about Frightland’s take on the Haunted Hayride was the benches on the trailer. Instead of trying to figure out how to sit comfortably on wood and hay while leaning against metal. Frightland has benches with very low guardrails to full immerse you in the Attraction. Every year Frightland adds or changes something in every attraction they do. The Hayride is no different. If you want to know what changed, get in the car! We loved the Hayride this year and so will you. Here is our scoring for the Horror Hayride.

Next stop after the Horror Hayride. The Ravenwood Cemetery. This Attraction is easily their most improved Haunt for 2017. The past two years, it was a decent walk through. But now, it has become a must-see attraction! We were blown away by the massive changes inside. This was now one of my favorite Attractions of the night. This alone was easily worth the drive! Remember that Frightland is easily accessible from NJ, PA, DEL and beyond! Here is our Scoring of Ravenwood Cemetery.

After leaving Ravenwood Cemetery, you head into the Fear Walk-Through. Fear is an Attraction that tries to play with a lot of the fears the average person has.  Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia, Nyctophobia and many, many more. Fear is a fun walk through that will test a lot of Phobias. Can’t give up too many details but be ready to scream. Here is our scoring of FEAR.

Next stop, Zombie Town. Zombie Town is a Western Walk Through where you walk through the past in the old west. This had a lot of newly redone scenes that really added to this Attraction. After the hysterical Cowboy host walks you into the Attraction is when the fun begins! We do have to say, we miss the rifle firing off in the courtyard. This was always fun watching everyone jump with every gun shot. Maybe a comeback for 2018? We can hope. Here is our scoring of Zombie Town.

After those Haunts, you are brought back to the Carnival always going on at Frightland. We love this break because it’s a great time to get some food, play some games. If you just screamed and ran through 4 attractions for your life, you may need the break to eat and get on some bumper cars to build up the guts for 4 more!
After our group voted on the first 4 attractions, we headed into last year’s favorite. Idalia Manor. Idalia Manor is a Haunted House walk through. Comprised of many different rooms a lot of different themes. This is just like walking through a horror movie about a haunted house. The detail is amazing at every turn and filled with awesome actors at every turn, Idalia’s Manor never disappoints! Here is our not surprising votes on Idalia Manor.

After the Manor, we headed into another classic attraction, Zombie Prison. We love this attraction year after year too. The effects in this attraction make it stand out from the rest. Amazing use of lighting and fog really make the attraction seem twice as long as it really is. They added more to zombie prison as well. Here is our 2017 scoring of Zombie Prison.
After Zombie Prison we got in line for The Haunted Barn. This was a standout last year so we were excited to hop right in to it. To our surprise and pleasure, Frightland changed a lot of the Haunted Barn. There was more madness and more actors. More to every scene and a job well done all together. It is hard to not give more detail so let us just get to the scoring.
Next and last attraction of the night. The Attic. The attic was probably our least favorite attraction of 2016. It is well done and creepy but it was missing something last year. This year they found it. Right now, I want to apologize to all of the actors I accidentally felt up this year! Not my fault, you cannot see in there. I had my second jump of 2017 thanks to The Attic. Now we head to the scoring.
Frightland Stepped it up HUGE this year. The changes, including the slight ones made the biggest difference. This needs to be seen in the Haunt Industry because change is always needed, even if it just a room or wall or lighting. Change is the key to growth in our Industry. We have been to some Haunts 4-5 times and nothing ever changes.  I will get off my soap box now and give the overall scoring for Frightland.


Frightland deserves this score up and down. Our Hats are off to them for the job they did this year. And again, thank you so much for having us out again.This will be an interesting finish at the end. Who do you think should win?

Next stop on our 2017 Haunt Tour. Bloodshed Farms. Until next time! Keep it here for all of your Haunt Reviews and information. Thank you all!

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