Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Welcome back for yet another episode of Halloween Haunts 365. We hope you are enjoying the off-season Haunt reviews. We will have some news updates when we finish our HHN reviews.

Our next attraction we will cover is Ash vs Evil Dead.   Now let’s dive right into the next review from Halloween Horror Nights!

This will be very hard to write a complete review as I have not watched any of the episodes for this attraction. We have watched both movies, so we can give it the old college try.

Ash vs Evil Dead was a very entertaining walk through. Filled with many of the Villains and Hero’s from the TV series. From puppets to crazy psychotic demon women. Every turn was filled with fun and humor. For HH365 this was very different then we were used to. We have become accustom to finding the scariest walk throughs in the area. So humor was a new spin on a Haunted

One of the biggest differences we noticed was that the actors never really used their own voice. The would lip sync to a very loud speaker over your head. This was months ago, and I still haven’t decided if I really enjoyed that feature or despised it. Sure, using Bruce Campbells voice added to the attraction but I think it may have taken away from the actor’s talents.

Another unnerving feature of HHN is the 100 employees in regular clothes in every attraction waving their arms at you to speed you up. We get it. You have thousands upon thousands of people getting through an hour. But, we can’t put them in costume? Nothing breaks a scene like an employee standing in an effect waving at you to hurry up. This bothered me in every attraction we walked through.

Now, lets get to the scoring of Ash vs Evil Dead.

Thank you everyone for reading. We know its February, and everyone has summer on the brains. But Hunt season is still going at Halloween Haunts 365. So, to our die-hard readers, we thank you.

Also! Make sure you grab your tickets to the Haunt Convention. This is a convention we are very excited about and can’t wait to see everyone there.

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