Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Welcome back to next episode in our HHN series. We hope you have enjoyed the past couple reviews as we move onto our next one. SAW.

Based upon the Saw movies. Saw the walk through was much of the same. As you wander through Jigsaw’s palace of horrors you really see a lot of every movie in every turn. From the head trap placed on a horrified young lady to a crazy electrocution that really caught my eye. The effects in the scene were amazing. Lightning flying everywhere as an actor was being fried to his very doom.

These scenes were highly detailed and added guest activated scares. Which we were told because we were rushed so quickly through the attraction that we didn’t see any of these. We were told there was random red buttons that would trigger some Jigsaw mechanisms. But like the last post we started, you are running through this so fast its amazing we saw most of the scenes at all.

We enjoyed what we could see as we walked through. A lot of the Jigsaw contraptions used in the movies made an appearance. Nothing quite like movie quality props and scenes. The whole walk through looked like Jigsaw’s notorious building. From the fenced in closed circuit cameras to women stuck in the reverse bear trap.

Overall, this is how scored out experience in Saw.

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