Monday, October 2, 2017


The next stop on Haunt Tour 2017 was Fright Factory. Fright Factory is located in a very old warehouse building in the Industrial side of South Philadelphia. Also located at the building was a Mini Golf Course that you would only pay five dollars for with a Fright Factory ticket stub plus an Escape Room is located around the corner. This will be our first visit to Fright Factory so let us get started with the review!

While in line waiting to speak to the ticket clerk we were able to see the line entertainment for the evening.
This Pennywise line performer was a great addition. He messed with everyone in line and posed for pictures at the drop of a hat. Very funny actor who added to the entire experience. Without him you were basically in a line in South Philly staring at a ticket booth. We enjoyed his antics and personality. He really put his own spin on Pennywise The Dancing Clown. On to the Attraction we go!

After turning in our ticket we are walked into a very large downhill decent into the underground of Philadelphia. This attraction is located deep in the basement of this old building. As you watch the building turn from brick to rocks you can see how deep you are under the Philadelphia Streets.

After reaching the ticket taker, you get your free photo taken that arrives on their Facebook page and you are on your way.

Fright Factory will be judged as an entire Attraction for our purposes. The biggest issue we found with Fright Factory is that you have no idea when you enter a new attraction. It is billed to have three different walk through attractions but the problem is you have no idea when you enter the next attraction. It is setup as one very long walk through. We could have used a sign, maybe a snack stand or something in between "attractions".

Fright Factory was a very interesting Walk Through. One minute you are looking at a very poorly painted and designed wall, the next you are staring a $20,000 animatronic prop in the face. We can tell this is an attraction that they are trying to grow through out the years. We are very interested to see what they do in the upcoming years. They have the right idea. But as we all know in the Haunt Industry, Ideas take money and time.

We also very much enjoyed the actors in this Haunt. They were all very talented and knew what they were doing. It was set up to have one actor set up 2 or 3 different scares from their one station. And if you ask our VP, they did deliver even though you knew it was coming.

The scenes in Fright Factory changed from room to room. Some of them were outstanding. Such as the Butcher Shop and Satanic Church, others...not so much. Our favorite scene was a moat designed with lasers and fog. This was an outstanding effect and want to see more of it in Haunts everywhere. It really plays with your mind and gives you the feeling of walking in waist high water. We kind of stopped traffic as we were trying to figure out how this effect was created. Sorry Fright Factory!

Did we hate this Haunt? Absolutely not. Is there some work left to do? Yes. We want to take this time and thank Fright Factory for hosting our team out to your Attraction. You guys were awesome! We had fun! We would suggest anyone in the South Philly area sitting at home bored to go check it out.

Now lets get to what will be difficult scoring of the Attraction as a whole.

And for our Final Scoring of Fright Factory!
We see some potential in this Haunted Attraction, So the biggest way they can grow is if you go out and see it. Lets help a local Attraction grow into a Top Attraction and go have fun! Was a good night out of the house!

Well guys! We leave for Orlando, Florida and plan on reviewing every Attraction for Halloween Horror Nights. Plus when we come back we have three local attractions that weekend. It will be very busy for us and we will get you the reviews as soon as we can. So in the next week we will be reviewing close to 12 Attractions. We have never done so many in such a time frame but we are going to Make it Happen. Sorry for the slow start to Haunt Season, but we are jam packed full of Attractions to review this Fall! Including some reviews of attractions our Correspondent is heading to. Keep it here for the 2017 Haunt Season! 

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