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Welcome Back To HH365 for the start of the 2017 Haunt Review Tour! Our first stop in 2017 brings us all the way out to Lancaster, PA and the Field of Screams Haunted Attraction. As you can see by the photo above, Field of Screams is celebrating their 25th Anniversary. This will be our second official visit to Field of Screams. With some Haunted Attractions, visiting the next year is usually the same visit as the year before. With FOS, they destroyed that stigma. Dead and Buried. Now, lets get into what we LOVED about FOS for 2017.

As you enter Field of Screams from the main entrance, you really just get blown away with everything that is going on. There is a live band playing, there is already a ton of excited customers waiting for the attractions to open. Then there is great food and unique games to keep you occupied if you arrive early and have to wait for attractions to open. In our group, we love Haunted Attractions but we really enjoy the night out aspect. We love a Haunt where we can stay the night and just wander around the fun of the Fall evening. FOS offers that experience and at very affordable pricing.
These are just a few of the views from the very fun "midway" at Field of Screams. Now, lets get into the attractions. 
Seen above is the listing of the Attractions for the evening. Lets get to the first Attraction we visited of the evening. 
Frightmare Asylum. As we walked through the line for Frightmare Asylum, We were actually walking to our first attraction of the year. The anticipation building inside of us was so huge, you could feel in the air how excited we were to FINALLY get back into a Haunted Attraction. We could not get to the ticket window fast enough. And no matter how fast we walked, it felt like forever until we reached the entrance. As we stood waiting to enter this decrepit asylum, we took notice to the amazing detail given to the outside of the building. It really looked like we were about to tour the inside of a very old insane asylum. Then suddenly, the door whipped open and we got our first full smell and fell of Haunt Season and we could not run through this door fast enough. 

Frightmare Asylum is a Highly Detailed Attraction. Designed as an old Insane Asylum where every turn is a completely different part of an Asylum. From Housing to the Morgue. Frightmare Asylum is a decent length attraction that will attack a ton of different fears people have. Using hard working scare actors and outstanding lighting, this really had Asylum shine. This was our 3rd favorite Attraction of the evening. Now lets get to the scoring. 

There is the scoring for Frightmare Asylum. Our team of four for the evening voted on a number scale from 5 to 1, and this is how the voting came out. Lets get in to our next stop!
The 2016 Hayride Champion! Field of Screams Haunted Hayride. We basically tallied up Frightmare Asylum and went running into the Hayride Entrance and could not wait to see this evil face look at us as we entered the line. 
This gigantic pumpkin headed creature rises and tells you what your about to expect on the very long Hayride. And it does not lie, this Hayride is filled to the brim with a ton of actors, props and mayhem. This Hayride will be hard to beat again in 2017. We were stunned at every turn of the Detail and Craftsmanship put forth by the team at Field of Screams. Not to mention the crazy amount of highly skilled Scare Actors who really brought every scene to life! Now, lets get to the scoring. 

We all thought the same thing as we exited the Haunted Hayride, This already looks like the Winner for 2017 too. Now, lets head to Our Favorite Attraction of the Night. 
The Den of Darkness. WOW. That's really all that could come out of our mouths as half of our team went running out of the exit for safety. This was easily the most Terrifying Attraction of the night. And will be hands down in the running for best Attraction of the Year! We loved every turn of Den of Darkness this season. This Attraction really used all of its power to hit every kind of fear imaginable. Now lets get to the scoring. 

Now on to our next Attraction, The completely redone..
Nocturnal Wasteland. Nocturnal Wasteland looked completely new this year. Adding a walk through that has never been done in this Industry. We so badly want to share what it is but your going to have to go and see it for your self. This completely changed Nocturnal Wasteland for the better. We can not believe the amount of work this must have taken. We think they must have brought the workers in the day after they closed for last season to pull of what they did with this Attraction. Not to mention making the existing scenes even better. Nocturnal Wasteland is an extremely well detailed Haunted Trail. Where we have no idea where they found half of the stuff that is inside that walk through. 

Our only add to this attraction is that we think it could have used a couple more Actors. There was a little too much down time especially in walk through scenes. With that being said we still LOVED what they did with the brand new beginning. Lets get to the Scoring!

This has been our review for Field of Screams 2017. We had an amazing night out in Lancaster, Pa. We want to thank the entire team at FOS for having us out and giving it your all on a great performance. It is still early and we have many Haunts to visit but we already know, Field of Screams will be in the Top running for All awards this year. Our Overall Vote for Field of Screams 2017.....................

No question that this Haunt earned a 5 bloodsplat for the Overall. You have blown us away again Field of Screams. Thank you so much for having us out again. We love the job the entire team pulls off year after year. 

Stay tuned to as we have Many Haunt Reviews coming up in the next couple weeks. Make sure to follow us on all social media outlets! Just click on the right side of the website to follow us easily! 

Thank you and Good Night!

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