Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Welcome back to our website. Tonight we will take a look into the Haunted Attractions we will visit in this upcoming season! We have a few repeat performances including our Winning team last year. We were also fortunate enough to welcome a couple new Haunts that are hosting us for an amazing evening. Our goal for 2017 was to grow. Double up you might say. We finished last season with just over 14,000 views as a website. In 2017, our goal is to eclipse 35,000 by the end of November. We still have a few Attractions pending. And that is just fine, we understand the craziness the owners and operators are experiencing right now.

 We have seen it first hand of that last week or two before showtime. If you are heading out to a Haunt on their first night, make sure you give them the benefit of the doubt. Its a rough night, so have patients and remember you are out there to have a good time. There will be lines no mater what Haunt you choose or what time you show up. Enjoy being in the fresh air and being in a group that is just as excited as you. Go out there and have fun. That's what this entire Industry exist for. Fun. Now lets begin our look into our Haunts up for debate in 2017!

Lets get started with our 2016 Champion! Brighton Asylum. As soon as i walked out of Brighton Asylum I wanted to walk back in. This Attraction blew me away at every corner and every detail. We actually did go back twice for some of the off season Haunts and were blown away by those themes too. The Night of the Creeps walk through was a spectacle for sure. Maybe because of my love for the 80s Horror Genre, but it beat the Halloween Walk Through in my opinion. From some research online and new emails coming out from Brighton, they have added more content and new themes. Including a brand new ending and a Horror Museum. Yes, Movie used replicas on display from some of your favorite Horror movies. This is on my "CAN'T WAIT!!!!" list. Next up on the list....
Fright Factory. This will be a first for HH365.com. Wish I had more info or insight into this Attraction, but this will be our first time through. All we know is that Fright Factory takes place in an Industrial setting like a factory. The owners and operators reached out to us and told us they were very interested in having us out and see what they have to offer as an Haunted Attraction. This looks like an interesting change to our normal Haunts that take place on Farms. We are looking forward to it! Next!
On to the first date on our tour. Field of Screams. We are so damn excited that we are only 11 days away from our first Haunt Review of 2017. Field of Screams have updated a few attractions including the Haunted Hayride and Nocturnal Wasteland. And that is all the news we are giving out at this time! Field of Screams always puts on an AMAZING show! We can't stop talking about finally hoping in the car and starting this season with such awesome people and staff. We will see you soon Field of Screams. Next!
Night of Terror at Creamy Acres Farm in Mullica Hill, NJ. Literally 20 minutes away from our Headquarters. The first Haunted Attraction I ever made it out to. This will always hold a sentimental place inside. Night of Terror is a wonderful night out with food and more Attractions then usual. With 6 total Attractions including Zombie Paintball, It will easily take a night out to enjoy all of the Terror. Our team is excited to come out and review one of our all time favorite locations. Next but not least!
BloodShed Farms Fear Fest! Yes! Can't Wait! This attraction resulted in our highest viewed review of 2016. We are looking forward to seeing all of the great people we have met. And looking forward to all the enhancements in 2017. Knowing this group the way we do, we know that a lot will change and look completely different. Like us, its what they live for. And we can't wait to see! We have more details but your going to have to just come out. The one big add from last year is a Mobile Escape Room. Yes! an escape room that can go from place to place. That is the brainpower at work in Columbus, NJ. That is all i am saying!   Whats up next?  More Attractions! Next!
Shocktoberfest. We had a great time out there last year. Had my Favorite Attraction for 2016. Prison of the Dead. It took home our Number One Attraction Award for 2016. That Attraction alone is totally worth the price of admission to the entire Haunt. There are a few upgrades to the hayride this year that we are looking forward to seeing. This also offered great food and live Entertainment. We are looking forward to it! Next stop on the Haunt Tour Train!
Another new stop for HHN365.com, Reapers Revenge! We have always heard great things about this Attraction. We are looking forward to Reviewing this Haunt. We do not have a ton of details surrounding it but that just makes us more interested. Maybe we found a new winner? Time will tell. Stay tuned to HH365.com for the inside scoop. And we have one more Haunt scheduled and Booked.....Hmmm...Where we going?.....Next! SO EXCITED!
YESSSS! Or YASSS! as we see online. We are heading to the Holy Land of Haunted Attractions. We are going to see if that Orlando money really makes a difference for Attractions or does it really all depend on the group building. They have a few Houses announced. We are looking forward to the Insidious attraction the most. We leave in early October to cover HHN 27.

That is all for now. Stay tuned as we are as little as 11 days away until our first review! We are also going to reach out to our helper John and see where his Travels take him this year. All in all, it looks like it will be one hell of a 2017! Follow us on ALL Social Media outlets.

 Also, we take no claim to any LOGO pictures placed on this website. They belong to their Attractions and Companies.

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