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Welcome back to this installment of Halloween Haunts 365.com. Today we will start our Movie Review Section of this website. But first, Lets add our Haunt Updates.

So far we have scheduled 3 Haunted Attractions for the 2017 season. It is still early but looking forward to receiving a lot more Emails back from Haunt Owners in the next couple weeks. So far we will be returning to Field Of Screams and Bloodshed Farms. While adding a NEW Haunt to the mix. Stay tuned to find out where. Now on to the first review.

 Wes Craven's Finest Creation, A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Released in 1984, ANOES broke the mold of the basic Slasher film. With better then average acting and a great Foe, Nightmare went from a low budget film that no one wanted to creating an Icon known around the globe. The series was so successful, 7 more movies were made and admired for decades after their release.

Lets start at the beginning. Robert Englund. There is no doubt in my mind that all of the Nightmare on Elm Street success stems off of two men. This was a great partnership between Craven's design and Englund's personality and skill. This brought the world it's first smart, witty slasher, Freddy Krueger.

With Robert Englunds portrayal of the Menacing Freddy Krueger, The Iconic images created by Wes Craven and then you throw in a Smart, Sophisticated Heroine in Nancy played by the outstanding Heather Langekamp. It was a Trifecta that changed an entire Genre for ever.

The greatest part of this movie and the rest of the series is the fact that there are zero boundaries. No limits to what can be done because it is played out in Dreams. Anything is possible. Any kill scene, any death, any way to be tortured is open and available. Freddy Krueger is literally the Boogie man you can not ever escape from. I think that is where the films get the power from. Adds more of a psychological aspect to the Horror Genre. Like below which is probably the best known scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Just taking a rest while bathing can result in you being sliced and diced. With the Dream concept you are never safe, even during a slight nap.

Most movie reviews we will go through the plot and characters but this film, there was no need. If we have to explain to you who Freddy Krueger is. Then you are on the wrrrroooonggg website.

This movie was my inspiration for everything Horror related that we work on today. From Haunted Attractions to Movie Reviews. It was one of my earliest memories. My late Uncle would tape them for me on VHS tapes when they aired on cable. And I would watch them until the tape popped. I was always drawn to Freddy Krueger. He had a great weapon, great lines and in my opinion, The greatest horror character of all time. And that is probably the staying power the films have. With over a decade since Robert Englund wore the Glove and Fedora, people all over the world still know Freddy Krueger. Its amazing the following these films have. Still in 2017, lines wrap around buildings just to Meet Mr Englund. That does not happen by chance. This movie was the perfect storm at the perfect time.

This movie is my All-Time Favorite Movie. It will always sit in my heart because of what it achieved. Now, not that it will be any shock, but here is what we scored A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

Well, That is our first Movie Review for 2017. Definitely my all time favorite. All pictures deserve their credit so make sure everyone knows they are not mine. They were simply borrowed from I am guessing New Line Cinema. So no photo theft on this page. All credit goes elsewhere! There Overall score I will take the credit, that is mine :)

Thanks for taking a couple moments out of your day. We will have more Haunt news coming soon along with the review of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 "Freddy's Revenge". Thank you everyone!

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