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When this Haunted Attraction website was being created. It was a pretty crazy time. With limited knowledge of how any of the social media worked. Even less knowledge of how to even build a website. We started as an idea as I was sitting on the porch thinking about how excited I was for Haunt Season in six months. When I started my research, I found that there were quite a few review websites for this subject matter. But the issue I saw with these sites was that there was not that much depth. They gave a score and moved on. It hit me that maybe this could work if we went deeper. If we could get deeper into the industry this off the wall idea of mine could work. So that is when we started opening all entrances into this industry we could find. All social media networks, Email cold calls and whatever else we could think of to get inside. Thankfully 12,000 views later, we have went deeper. One of the well known Area Haunt owners even reached out and said "What you guys are doing for the fans and customers is great, but go even further. A few of the owners reached out to each other and they love your site. It helps even the owner see what is new and whats really catching eyes and fear of the customer. So please go deeper." That one quote showed my team that what we are doing is working. And will continue to work if we keep breaking barriers. 

Well, in the middle of all the start up. We received one of our first Instagram messages from a fan. This one was a little different. He was asking if he could write reviews for our site. After talking to him for a bit, I realized he knew what he was talking about. Also that he was an actual Haunt actor himself. Well, with me understanding that there is no way I could reach all of the area attractions with just my team in the very short Haunt season it wouldn't hurt to have a correspondent reviewer to take on what we could not reach. This is how Correspondent John was born. And folks, here is his first review. Jason's Woods.
Jason's Woods has been open for 30 years and this year they were celebrating their unparalleled Horror and Excitement. After finishing Field of Screams we were excited to see what Jason's Woods has to offer. As we pulled into the parking lot, we already had the feeling that this was not going to be anything like Field of Screams. As we were walking through the Midway we started to see video clips of Horror movies, this would have been great if they had any sound or music playing like every other Haunt. Sound from the movie, a CD, a Band, anything but silence. This was not a good sign for what was to come. But instead of judging by the midway or how many other customers are here, my friends and I decided to just wait and see what the attractions hold. 

The first attraction we visited was the Jason's Woods Theater. When you look at it from the outside it looks like a Haunted House attraction but in reality it was a 5 minute preview movie to show how great Jason's Woods is. They added a lot of props to the room, but there is zero light to even see how the room was decorated. This is what we ranked this attraction if you want to count it as one. 
Could not rank Actors or Animatronics because it was literally just a movie. Onto the next attraction, Horrifying Hayride. 

This decent length Hayride was just that, Decent. Nothing really to even remember. A couple cool animatronics here and there but very little acting and sound. Coming off of the Field of Screams Hayride we were really disappointed with a Haunt that has been open for 30 years and this is all they could do with the Hayride. It felt like we were on the boardwalk and going through one of the little scary rides with pictures on the wall and nothing happening. This is how I scored the Hayride. 
Next attraction up was Lost in Jason's Woods. 

As the title states, you will indeed get lost in this poorly planned Haunted Trail attraction. If there was more then 5 actors in the entire walk through it may have actually been worth the time of trying to figure out how to get around. There are so many Haunted Trails that this could have easily been less confusing. Starting to see a trend at this Haunt. Lets see if it continues. Here is what to expect when entering Lost in Jason's Woods. 
After leaving Lost in Jason's Woods, we entered The Chamber Of Horror. 

This was a pretty cool Blackout attraction. This attraction pretty much made up for the trip after the first couple attractions we visited. With decent actors and some really cool prop this Blackout Attraction did have a few good jump scares throughout. Without giving up too much detail, lets get to what I scored The Chamber of Horror. 
The next attraction up. Zombie Apocalypse. 

I really enjoyed this Haunted Attraction. With a nice mixture of Blackout and Zombie attraction, this attraction mixed two pretty cool features together. With good acting and nice scene setups this attraction was good for quite a few jump scares. With a big twist inside that I will leave alone and let everyone else enjoy it. Here is what I saw in Zombie Apocalypse. 
After having mixed reviews of the Haunt as a whole, up next was the last attraction of the night. Psycho Circus in 3D. 

There is not too much to say about this Attraction because it was your very typical Clown Attraction. It is starting to seem like whatever Haunt you visit it always has the same Clown Attraction and nothing really changes. This was more of the same except it had less actors then most. With that being said, Lets head to the scoring. 
Before I place a final score, I would like to say that this Haunt really needs a complete overhaul. The two Attractions I enjoyed, I am not even sure if it was because they were good or the others were so bad. Well, it is ultimately up to the fans to have their own opinions on the Haunt.  Here is my final score for Jason's Woods
Well everyone, Thank you for reading the review and Stay Spooky, John Out. 

Thank you John for your hard work from HH365. We greatly appreciate the time you have taken to write out some reviews of Haunts we could not reach this season. THANK YOU!

Well everyone, we still have two more reviews from John to post this week along with a visit to Brighton Asylum February 11th to review Dark Valentine. 
 Looking forward to seeing what these masters of Haunted Attractions stir up for the Holiday. Stay tuned as we are also Voting this week for the 2016 Winners! Yes, very late but we think it is better to let some time pass before voting so what really sticks out in our heads means the Haunt was worthy of the votes. Until next time, Thank you so much!

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