Monday, November 7, 2016


Where most other Haunted Attraction Review Sites are saying "thank you for the great season" and shutting down, Halloween Haunts 365 is still going. Continuing to provide you with detailed reviews, Actor and Owner interviews, Behind the scenes looks and anything else Haunt related. We will keep Haunt Season relevant through out the year on our way to becoming the #1 Haunt Website.

We do need to share that HH365 has reached over 10,000 views in its first season. WOW. We owe our fans a huge thank you. Also, as you can see the site has changed. We will be naming our winners very soon. We like to keep the anticipation brewing and let the Owners catch their breath before we reach out and announce. Keep coming back to see who won our Coveted Haunt of the Year award for 2016. We also added a Best Hayride and Best Attraction. Stay tuned and use the buttons above to navigate the new site. We will add the Final Overall scores to all of the haunts and drop a ton of pictures in the next couple weeks. Like stated earlier, HH365 means Haunt season never ends. Now lets get to our first Home Haunt Review.

Nightmare on Second Street was the first home haunt we have covered. Located a short drive from everywhere in Delanco, NJ.

With this being the first Home Haunt we have actually even been through, we had very little idea on what to expect. And were we quickly SHOCKED! We could not believe out eyes as we pulled up to this House. Located all in the yard was an amazing cemetery scene covering the entire front yard. From a real hearse emerging from the fog to very realistic tombstones and great props. This yard was cool enough alone to come out and cover, but there was much much more in store.
Check out the great cemetery.
 A lot going on! Up next was the actual walk through. This took amazing planning and a hell of a lot of time. Every section that you walked into had a different theme. She basically took a bunch of attractions and turned into a well planned walk through. Every turn had a different look. From a butchers shop to a crazy clown suite and then an asylum. This was a Fantastic Walk through. Here are some more pics and then we will get to the over all score.

We had an amazing time at Nightmare on second street. Even with the insane thunderstorm that ripped through as we walked through the attraction. Using pro and amateur scare actors, Nightmare still provided some great scares and yes, We received a very loud scream from our Scream Queen. The VP. Great use of a hidden actor to provide that lung burst. We still talk about how impressive it was to fit everything they did into this walk through. This group at Nightmare is more then ready to take it to the next level. The idea is there. The heart is there. We cannot wait until next year to see what the plan is. This team has the IT factor. We will have a blast working with them next year and see how it grows.
That is all we are giving away now. Wanna see more? Make sure you check out our pictures button soon! And what would be better then that? Going to Delanco, NJ next season and seeing the amazing job for your self! We will also visit next October to provide a Preview of what is new for 2017.  Now we will give this home haunt its well deserved score.....
There it is, A true 5 blood splat Home Haunt. Make sure your mark your calendar for next October. This was a Must See attraction.

Stay tuned, as we have coverage from 2016 HHN from Orlando, FL and a few other Haunt Reviews from our Correspondent. Like we said early, We will be going hard all year long to provide you with as much Haunt Information we can fit on this site! We will continue to provide our fans with what everyone wants....Haunt season to go all year long! Keep it here, There is a lot more to go.

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