Saturday, October 29, 2016


Welcome back to the next installment of Halloween Haunts Tomorrow night we head into the world of the Home Haunt. First stop on the Home Haunt train is Nightmare on 2nd Street. 
If you have some free time October 30th and 31st make sure you head out to Delanco, NJ and have some fun. A lot of time and effort was put into this home walk through. HH365 has been lucky enough to really get a behind the scenes look into all the work it took to bring a Home Haunt to life. We are extremely excited to witness the final product tomorrow night around 6pm. So come on by and have some fun! Here are some more pics.
Here is just a few samples of the fun to be had tomorrow night. Get Out There. 

Next stop for the night will be Psycho Trail!
Looking forward to seeing this Home walk through and meeting the creator as well. We will be there around 7:30 for anyone that want to join us. 

The point of this post is to just get the word out on these great home haunts. Reviews will follow later this week. So, come on out and meet us. Any further questions, you can find the links to both Haunts on our Instagram page. 

Before we end this post, Make sure you vote. Instead of voting for a "bag of douche or a turd sandwich" Vote for your favorite Haunt of 2016. Vote Now!

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