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Welcome back for another installment of Halloween Haunts Tonight we visit the Zombie World Theme park at Shocktoberfest.
Before we start the review, let us take a look back at some of the Haunted Attractions we have covered. Looking back on this seasons adventures, we remember all the great nights we had visiting these amazing Haunted Attractions. As well as watching this site grow from five to ten views a day to up to thousands a day. We really cannot thank everyone that helped make that possible enough.

Looking back on the crazy adventures through Haunts of all kinds, we really enjoyed this season and we will keep the season alive throughout the year. Keep it here for one of a kind interviews, previews, behind the scenes looks, Horror Conventions and More.

This year we were able to cover Field of Screams, Terror Behind the Walls, Bloodshed Farms, Frightland, Camp Evans Base of Terror, Pennhurst Asylum, Valley of Fear, Brighton Asylum and Shocktoberfest. Not to mention the three home haunts we will be covering this weekend including, Nightmare on 2nd Street in Delanco NJ and Psycho Trail right in Blackwood NJ. So our reviews are not over yet! 

With twelve reviews for the first year, we are looking to grow by double for 2017. So like we always say at HH365, if there is a Haunt, we are there. Please reach out to us. Anytime. The email is read every day and we can always make something happen. Big or small, if you want us to review your haunt just click here

Now let us get into the very unique Zombie World at Shocktoberfest.

Zombie World is setup a lot like Jurassic World. Except instead of Dinosaurs they have Zombies for the world to see. We really enjoyed the park as a whole. With great stores and setups, you can really spend the entire night in this theme park. Like pictured below, a pretty good band was playing and entertaining some guests before or after they got to go through the Zombie Zoo.
Zombie World is made up of a few attractions.
Ground Assault Zombie Laser Tag. This attraction takes you right into your favorite first person shooter games. You are given a high powered multi optional tactical laser gun to control the heard of zombies trying to escape Zombie World. We did not try this attraction but did hear nothing but great things about it. This is a timed ticketed attraction with limited tickets available. Shocktoberfest recommends you register online for this attraction.

Next attraction we saw walking through Zombie World was The Zombie Night Run.
Most Haunts have this event but not nightly like Shocktoberfest. You are given a flag football belt that represents your Brain, Heart and Entrails, then you run for your life through the hayride trails that are filled with Zombies looking to eat. Very Cool idea. We saw some of this live and looked like fun. Not a runner? That’s fine as well as long as you keep moving. There are two waves of this event a night. One kicks off at 7pm and the other wave starts at the end of the evening.

Now let’s get to the meat of our review, our first walk through of the evening. The Unknown 2.0. 
The Unknown 2.0 starts off in a staging area where you get to watch a 3-D introduction to the attraction. This attraction is setup where you are test subjects of a Crazy Scientist researching fears that people have. That is where the fun begins. After your introductory video, you enter the walk through. We really don’t like to give anything away but the first room in this attraction was incredible. The team that built this must have had the patience of a saint to get all of that in there. We needed to shout out the creativity and originality of that room that tests peoples fear of clutter. I was pretty sure my neat freak Vice President was going to go into convulsions. As you continue on through the attraction there is a ton of very original and great scares around every corner. The one miss for myself was that some of the actors gave themselves away before performing the scare. I could see or hear movement before the drop window came down or an animatronic set off. Gave away the scare factor, but still didn’t take anything away from this great attraction. Also with the Unknown 2.0, You can add to the fear by doing the walk through in just your underwear. Yes, you read that correctly. Just check out the website for details.  Let us get to the scoring.
The next journey for the team in Zombie World was Zombie Safari Co. Adventure Hayride Tours. 
Zombie World’ s version of the Haunted Hayride. As you enter the staging area, you get the main story of the Zombie World tale. After receiving your instructions and goals for the attraction, you head on out to board the Safari carts. This extremely long hayride takes you through what it takes to create and control the zombies created at Zombie World. As we said in the opening line, this hayride was very long but very good. Every scene added a prop or scare for the entire cart with more than just actors providing jump scares. Great use of the continuing story line as you entered scene to scene. This was one of the most impressive Hayrides of the season for the team, but like the Unknown 2.0 some actors came out prematurely and lowered the scare level just a bit. But again, did not take much away from the wonderfully designed hayride. Another cool feature with this hayride was the combined paintball and regular hayride. Most Haunts have a whole different trip for the paintball attraction. Not here. Every customer experiences the same hayride. Here is how we voted for the Zombie Safari. 
Now it is time for HH365’s favorite attraction of the night. The Prison of the Dead
This attraction starts you off boarding a prison bus.
Full metal cages blocking in the very dark windows. Creates the feeling that you are really going to prison. Then out of the caged windows you see the search spotlight on top of the prison watch tower. After leaving the bus, you are met by a member of Zombie World that provides instruction and some more Zombie World details before you begin your tour of the prison. Then your journey begins. As you tour through the now condemned Willow Glen State Penitentiary, you will see where Zombie World has renovated the facility to hold zombies for you to see up close.

Now this attraction is a symbol of everything an attraction should be. This was an extremely detailed, original, very long haunted attraction. With amazing use of lighting, your hardcore writer jumped out of his shoes in this attraction. My hat goes off to the young man working the boiler room in prison of the dead. Very impressive. The entire prison tests your entire imagination. From a walk through on a school bus to trying to figure out which way to go. The Prison of the dead was a non-stop fear factory, pouring out scares at every crazy turn. This was a perfect attraction in our books. With no surprise, here is how we graded Prison of the Dead.
After Prison of the Dead, we headed back into the Theme Park and had to buy a very cool stein from the shop. Then headed over to the snack bar to enjoy some burgers and fried oreos. Another great perk about Zombie World at Shocktoberfest was that there was always something to do. You could hangout and watch scare actors attack the line, watch a zombie puppeteer great customers walking into the theme park and just sit back and watch a band. We really enjoy these features in Haunted Attractions. Who wants to sit in a car for two hours to just do a couple walk throughs and go home? This Scare Park was very impressive and we had a great time at Zombie World. Here is our Overall Score of Zombie world.
Now, our fans may have noticed that we have a few 5 bloodspat Haunted Attractions. So we need your help! We will not end this season in a tie! To the right of this page is a poll we have set up to get a fans perspective of the most popular attractions we reviewed. Make sure you vote now and we will see who will take home the coveted award. So Vote Now! And a big thank you goes out to everyone for making this page such a success this year. Stay tuned as we enter the Home Haunt world this weekend! Have a safe and productive Halloween, and get to a Haunted Attraction before time runs out. They live to scare the shit out of you, so go let them! Until next time.  

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