Saturday, October 22, 2016


This evenings journey takes the Halloween Haunts 365 team 130 miles north on the New Jersey Turnpike. As we traveled on the turnpike, we had a little team meeting on what to bring to the table next year. What we could change in the website? What we could add? How can we grow from where we are now? What other Haunted Attractions we would reach out to next year? As we pondered what next year will bring, we reached our final destination. And below is what we saw when walking up to the attraction.
Here we are…Brighton Asylum!
With this being our first trip to Brighton Asylum. We were completely lost after parking the car. Looking around the rear of a bunch of warehouses, we found the ticket booth. After a quick chat with the awesome ticket women, we got in line for The Tunnel.
Little did we know, we visited on a night that Brighton Asylum was holding Zombie Attack in The Tunnel.
Zombie Attack is a fully interactive walk through. Armed with full metal replicas of assault rifles, you get to fire at the zombies as they try to eat your brains. The leader is given a rifle with a flashlight attached to lead the way through The Tunnel, where the last person in the group covers your six. This created a very fun atmosphere. It apparently gave our group the idea they were on a mission, as “Fired” went running into The Tunnel like she was about to liberate France.

The Tunnel was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Very long indoor walkthrough that changed scenes almost every turn. Hollywood like detail to every scene and actors that did a great job hitting their mark. Brighton Asylum really lifted the bar when it comes to Haunts. Every Actor we ran into throughout the walk through were outstanding. Taking insane and creepy to a whole new level. The amount of detail and planning that had to go into every scene. We really cannot even begin to describe settings without giving anything away. If the actors and settings weren't enough, the animatronics in both attractions were top of the line and super original. The only tip we will give you, If something has railings….Hold On!

Here is how we rated The Tunnel. 
After leaving the tunnel and turning in your arsenal. You stand in front of the main entrance of Brighton Asylum.
Your beloved writer tried to snap a picture of this amazing Haunt Entrance. But, after being yelled at by staff we put the camera away. That’s OK, we completely understand. We will use google. Back to the Review!

I literally have spent all night and day today trying to think of ways to write this review. How to word it? What will it look like? The reason why is because this Haunted Attraction completely blew us away. Nothing I write here will give it the full justice that it deserves. 

Brighton Asylum is a very long walk through. Filled with extremely intense, non-stop thrills at every single turn. This was the first attraction that completely shook our VP of Public Relations. At one point, she literally froze and refused to lead the way anymore. This walk through was comparable to walking through about 15 horror movies. Every turn seemed to have a different theme. From your typical morgue scene that has been shot up with steroids to scenes we have never seen or even thought to have before. With EPIC use of animatronics and lighting, every scene was brought to life. Every curtain lead to another crazy image that is burned into my head. I literally wanted to get right back in line to experience it again and again. This attraction hits you in the face with every sense you have. Sometimes even using your own eyes against you.  It would literally take ten pages of words to describe every scene inside the Asylum. Without giving any more details and spoilers, let’s just get the scoring.
The two attractions are worth the trip alone. We would have driven four hours to get to this amazing attraction. But, Brighton Asylum is not done there. They have added Escape Rooms. Brighton Asylum has built four escape rooms. Two escape rooms are five minutes long, two are an hour long. Modeled after movies like Saw and 1408. These Escape Rooms add a more hands on experience but also keep the horror alive.

Another great feature of Brighton Asylum, they open for different holidays throughout the year. With events like Santa’s Slay, Dark Valentine, Rottentail Slaughterhouse, Night of the Creeps and Clown Asylum. These events take place in different months during the year. Our team will be covering all of them once the time comes and cannot wait to do so.

Brighton Asylum has lived up to the hype in our eyes. This Overall Score was hands down the best score we have given to date and a unanimous vote and decision by
The only thing we missed was due to space restraints. No gift shop. We would have gone crazy in there I believe. Maybe an Idea for next year if possible to do with the space they have. This is only a minor thought. Takes nothing away from this amazing haunt. If you can only make it to one haunt this year, Make it this one. This is our First Complete Five Star Haunt. 

With three more reviews left, keep it tuned in to We still have to somehow choose an overall champion for 2016. Who will it be? Feel free to comment and vote. Until Next time, Keep Haunting. Also make sure you vote for your favorite haunt this year on the right side of this page. 

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