Thursday, October 20, 2016


Welcome back to Halloween Haunts Tonight’s installment takes the team deep into the woods, right into The Valley of Fear. This was our first trip to this Haunt, so we were very excited to finally make it to the “Original Hayride”. Hearing so much about this attraction from owners and actors, we were pretty hyped up to get there. So hyped up we arrived thirty minutes before the ticket booth even opened.
With time to look around and see what Valley of Fear had to offer, we noticed a pretty nice setup to hangout in after the attractions. From food stands to a live singer. A nice warm fire pit blazing with chairs set around it.

Not to mention a giant killer jack o lantern beast. All of this set in what looked like the movie Friday the 13th. The deep woods setting of this Haunted Attraction really adds to every scene and attraction here. With four attractions to cover, let’s do it!
 First up for us tonight. The Original Haunted Hayride. With this being the original haunted hayride, we had no idea what to expect. As we loaded on to the hayride trailers, we did notice something very awesome with this attraction. You are seated with your legs dangling over the side! YES! For me, sitting on a hayride is almost always uncomfortable. Sitting Indian-style for 20 minutes always throws my legs right to sleep. With this ride, we got to sit how I always wanted to on a hayride. It really opens up the full experience and gives you a full effect of what is going on around you. Another unique feature added was that you are joined with a guest. Basically a fun tour guide travels with you in the cart. Giving you the low down of every attraction coming up. Great feature that we really enjoyed. This attraction was extremely thought out and organized. Every scene was highly detailed and designed to scare the hell out of you. With great scenery, the deep woods and highly developed scare actors. This hayride was amazing. Let us get to the scoring.
Next attraction of the evening, The Facility.
The facility is a dark maze attraction. Filled with interesting turns and twists. The real question is; can you find the exit? That question was answered when half of our team came back out of the entrance. The maze is setup to be a zombie containment unit. Filled with soldiers directing the way and zombies to tear your limbs off. Excellent use of darkness and lighting helps to fully disorient you as you try and escape the facility. Great introductory video and staff really added to the feel of the attraction. Let us get to the scoring before I give too much away.
Moving on to the next attraction of the adventure. Operation Z. Live action zombie paintball hunt.
As a team, we usually skip the paintball feature of haunts. We really just like to review the attractions and the job done by the actors. After experiencing this paintball attraction, we may have changed our mind. As we waited in line to go in, we watched a great intro video with instructions and rules for the attraction. We really enjoyed this video. Had a really good production to it like all the other videos at Valley of Fear. Entering the attraction, you have to go through a zombie ridden school bus that exits into a military installation. Here you are greeted by your director. After some more directions, rules and a pretty cool quick show. We get to see how this was all set up. Using mounted paintball guns, your job was to keep the zombies at bay at three different installations. This was a really cool idea. You got to fight off the zombies at three different fronts. HH365 suggest you give this paintball feature a try.

Let us keep it going to the final attraction of the evening. Underworld haunted walk.
This was Valley of Fear’s haunted trail. Designed as a walk through the Underworld. You are greeted by the Caretaker of the Underworld. He will give you your directions and also do something very unique to haunts. Wondering what that is? Only on way to find out! Go! Underworld was a pretty lengthy walk through for most haunt trails. Winding up and down some very wooded areas gave the feel of just straight creepiness. Add in some very good acting and greatly detailed scenes, Underworld did an amazing job creating fear and sometimes fear of nothing. Some terror trails you see cars drive by, the parking lot, other attractions. Not in the Underworld, nothing but scares and woods. Now we will get to the team’s thoughts of The Underworld.
That is our review of Valley of Fear. This was definitely added to our Must Return list. We want to take this time to thank the Owners and staff for having us as guests. We had a really great time exploring your haunt. Looking forward to seeing what is added for next year. Here is how the team voted for the Overall Haunt.

Now is our reader participation part of this review. As you can see, we tried something different in this review by adding the Haunts stock pictures. We wanted to see if this was a nice touch due to the fact that the haunts go through a lot of time and some budget to get these attraction logos. Readers, please let us know what your opinion is. Do we keep our own pics of the attractions? Or do we use the stock pictures and add some of our own in to the mix? Feel free to email us at or just leave a comment at the bottom. Also feel free to reach out to us on all social media platforms to the right of this page.

With only two scheduled attractions left, we cannot believe how fast this October has flown by. We really had a lot of fun visiting every haunt, meeting a ton of new people from owners to actors to fans! We cannot thank you all enough for what this site has turned into. After this post is up, we will be celebrating 9,000 Views!

That’s it for this installment of Until next time, Get to some Haunts everyone. We are running out of time!   

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