Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Welcome back everyone to Halloween Haunts 365.com. Tonight’s adventure takes the team up I 295 and over I 195 to Wall Township. Home of Camp Evans Base of Terror.
Camp Evans is not just another Haunt location. Camp Evans is a 100-year-old Army Base. This base is a certified National Historic Landmark. This landmark includes a century of Top-Secret and experimental research in Radar, Radio, Satellites, Radioactive materials and much more that has yet to be declassified. Camp Evans is also home to year-round museums including different exhibits. Some exhibits are permanent such as the Ship Wreck Museum, others are temporary like a Surfing Museum. So definitely something to see during the day as well. On to the Haunt!
This haunt is an all-volunteer effort to raise money for The InfoAge Science History Learning Center and Museum and preserve the grounds of a National Historic Landmark. So attending this haunted attraction helps preserve some of our country’s history. If that’s not enough reason to visit, lets continue to the haunt.

Made up of one very long walk through, Camp Evans has many different settings through their haunt. With most attractions manned by High School students, Camp Evans is also growing the Haunt Actor from within. It is a very good place to start in the field if someone has scare actor potential or passion. HH365 really enjoyed the job the actors provided. We could see the potential in a lot of these kids.

To be totally transparent, we were so busy looking at all the settings that we didn’t take note of when the attraction changed. We are going to list a couple of our favorite details of the walk through though, because there was a lot to see!

The first walkthrough was on the porch of one of the base buildings. The Haunt first used the inside of the buildings, but as it grew more popular they were forced outside. The scene on the porch used some graphics from a Nuclear Scientist. The scene was painted in a nuclear silo by an Engineer that worked at Camp Evans. It was the little touches that made this attraction something to see. Blending together an attraction and history of the Camp was something really cool to see.
Another attraction that shined for the team, Silent Hill. Based off of the video game and movie, Silent Hill used scenes that brought both to life. The one outstand point in Camp Evans were the costumes. We were stunned every time we saw the main actor of the attraction. This was a very original part of the attraction. Great use of lighting and fog, then adding the outstanding costumes really made this attraction pop.

Another extremely original walk through was Sunny Side Toys. This caught my eyes in particular from the use of props. This really brought to life the craziest Toy Factory you have ever seen. Not to give anything away, the use of teddy bear camouflage was ingenious. We have been through a lot of attractions and have seen a lot of ways to hide scare actors, but this one was the most unique. If timed correctly this will scare the hell out of you. With the training Camp Evans provides, we are sure they will get this down with actor.

Moving on for us was the Asylum. The scenes in this attraction is what did it for HH365. From crazy wall designs to very good scare actors. Great use of winding walls and nicely timed actor scares. I still see the walls even three days later. These are the things that brings out what is so special about Camp Evans.

Before Camp Evans reached out to us, we never heard of them. We were not sure what to fully expect. We do haunts of all size and budgets. So as soon as we got word from Camp Evans, we were on our way. Finding out it was a fund raiser made it a must see for HH365. Once we arrived to the parking lot, we could see the monstrous line of people waiting to get in. This showed us that they have a very nice following. The line of people must have reached six hundred yards. It was hard to make out people at the end of the line. These people all knew something we didn’t. This haunt was worth it to customers and worth standing in a very long line for. They couldn’t have been more right. This Haunt had zero animatronics, very young actors, all handmade props and scenes. But what it lacked in budget, it filled in heart. Inexperienced actors showed energy and passion for what they were doing. Set designers had nothing but a wall, paint and an imagination. Still pulling off some great artwork and visual scares.
Camp Evans may not be the best haunted attraction. That’s fine, because it is coming. With passionate leadership and a steady fan base, we can see this haunt growing into something very special. The more visitors they receive, the more they can do. The idea is there; the experience is getting there. We visited with our amazing host and she already had next year close to planned out. That shows us the level of commitment going on at Camp Evans.

Now let us get through the walk through scoring.
After you complete the 45-minute attraction, there is a nice center set up with food, t-shirts, coffee and some movies playing up on the wall of the base.
Young children even have their own inflatable attraction. Camp Evans proves that it is for all ages. With an action packed walk through filled with inflatable bouncy houses, even the smallest children can have an affordable great time.

As a whole, this is how we scored Camp Evans.
Camp Evans Base of Terror was a fun night out. Anytime we can finish a Haunt with Fried Oreos and Ghostbusters is my kind of night! We want to thank Gianna and team for making us feel so welcome. We really enjoyed the show and look forward to watching you grow bigger in the Haunt Industry. And for all of the followers, get up to Camp Evans. Very much worth the trip.

Until next time. Keep Haunting and Thank you all. 

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