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Welcome back to another review from Halloween Haunts 365. Tonight’s journey takes us into the great state of Delaware. Home of Tax free shopping and a great haunted attraction, Frightland. Located in Middletown, Frightland is a very unique night out. With 8 Haunted Attractions behind an entire Carnival, Frightland offers something for everyone. From Rides, Food and amazing attractions.

Our second trip back to Frightland was pretty interesting. Coming in with previous experience, we were very excited to see what they added and what changed. Of all the haunts we visited last year before starting the blog. Frightland was our favorite. But when reviewing anything, you need to keep previous thoughts at the door and proceed with a fresh piece of paper. We are setting out to become the “Go To” website for Haunt Reviews. To do this, we have to use clear judgement and wide eyes to give an accurate representation of what we see and feel. So without delay, here is our Review of Frightland.

Entering Frightland is literally like walking into a Carnival. Rides everywhere, Food everywhere. A great night out atmosphere.
As you make your way passed the Carnival and Food, you find the Haunted Attractions. First up for Halloween Haunts 365 was the Haunted Hayride.
Frightland also knows how to entertain. While in the Hayride line, They have movies playing and music blasting. Creating a fun wait for the attraction. 
The Hayride setup at Frightland is really cool. Instead of sitting in hay or straw, there is nice bench seating with a very low railing. For me in particularly, having such a low railing adds to the attraction. With a lower railing, you have no blocked views and adds easier access for the actors in the attraction.

The Hayride had a rough night during our review. With the speaker system not working, you really don’t realize what the sound brings until its gone. With the sound system down it really impacted how the ride felt. This was a big disappointment to not be able to really see the ride work in cohesion. The scenes were still outstanding. With your classic scenery to extremely original looks, the hayride should not disappoint with the sound working. After being on so many hayrides in the past, we really couldn’t believe the effect sound has. We are sure Frightland will have it up and running. Probably started working on it right after they closed the hayride. With some great additions to the hayride, here is how we scored Haunted Hayride.
Our next attraction of the night, Ravenwood Cemetery.
After exiting the Haunted Hayride, you are dropped off at the Ravenwood Cemetery. Once you are greeted by the Care Taker, he gives you directions and you are on your way. This attraction did not do a lot for us. This was your standard cemetery walk through. Tombstones and dirt. We enjoyed the actors and lighting in this attraction but other than that, very plain attraction. Here is how we scored Ravenwood Cemetery.
Right after exiting Ravenwood Cemetery, you come up to the Fear attraction. This is an attraction designed to attack different fears people have. We enjoyed the way this attraction shifted and shifted again. The actors were convincing and we saw some very cool new ideas. Not the longest walkthrough of the night but still engaging. Good use of props and actor placement. Here is what we thought of Fear.
Once you exit fear, you see an old west set up. This attraction was Zombie Ghost Town.
The first thing we noticed about this attraction, was that it was missing a VIP line. We found that kind of odd. We are used to standing in line at attractions, so this wasn’t a complaint. We just found it odd there was no secondary VIP entrance to this attraction. Moving on. Once we entered the Zombie Ghost Town, you could see the great detail that Frightland puts into their attraction. From an amazing, extremely detailed butcher shop to a very dated Old West saloon setup. This attraction started picking up the pace for us. Again with very committed actors and great scenery, here is how we scored Zombie Ghost Town.
After exiting Zombie Ghost town, you come back into the main Frightland concourse. So after our group talked about the last three attractions and continued on to Idalia Manor.
This is where Frightland hits Full Speed. Idalia Manor is one of those attractions you tell everyone you know about it. This attraction was awesome. Every room extremely detailed and horrifying displays. This attraction is why we do this site. This is easily Halloween Haunts 365 favorite attraction so far. Every room blew us away. Great job by the actors, from the front gate to everywhere in the building! Just WOW! Not too much surprise, but here is what we voted for Idalia Manor.
Coming off an attraction like that, our team was hyped up all over again. After a quick break we headed over to Zombie Prison.
 This was my favorite attraction from last year. And this attraction did not disappoint again. Entering into the Zombie Prison, you are lined up like you are being incarcerated. As the Warden yells her commands, we start getting excited. After your talk with the Head Zombie, you head into an elevator and the fun begins! This attraction is very original and visual stunning. It attacks all of your senses all at once. Every room you enter is a whole new zone of insanity. That’s as deep as we are willing to go. On to the scoring.
After two amazing attractions we headed towards The Haunted Barn. On our way over, we stopped at a cool coffin seating area.

You can also pick up a souvenir cup of a variety of soft drinks right from a coffin. 
On to The Haunted Barn.
After walking through the staging area, we were greeted by the keeper of the barn. Given our directions by an incredible scare actor and we walked in. We really enjoyed this attraction as a whole. Very different scenes room to room. This kind of had a feel like a “greenhouse” attraction. But very different from any one we have been in before. Very good use of lighting and animatronics with a great scare actor group. Don’t want to give anything away, but some very good scares inside. We enjoyed this attraction so here is what we scored The Haunted Barn. 
Next up and the last attraction at Frightland. The Attic.

I have to start this with how impressed I was with the introductory Scare Actor. She did an amazing job. From the voice and makeup, we were blown away. After meeting her, we made our way into the Attic. This attraction was excellent. It plays on two very big fears that most people have, then adding in talented Actors. Whew! This was one of the most original and well planned attraction in the park. We had a real fun time trying to escape The Attic. For the final scoring of the night, here is how we scored The Attic. 

This wraps up our coverage of Frightland. I want to take a moment to thank the Frightland team for inviting us out to review their Haunt. We always appreciate it.

Looking at everything, this was a very hard total score to come up with. We were disappointed by a few things, like mentioned the Hayride sound. A few other things missing that we cannot disclose here or will ruin things. But then its home to our favorite attraction. So, one of the reasons this review is so delayed was coming up with a final score. We all met a few times to talk about everything again. We voted five times and we came up with this for Frightland. 
Regardless of the score we chose, Frightland is a Must Visit Haunt. Not only for the Haunted Attractions but for the entire experience. A great night out. One that we didn’t leave until close to midnight. Not a lot of Haunts have so much that you can stay all night. So again, Thank you frightland, the Actors and staff, and all of our followers that are turning this into such a Success. We cannot do it without you. So keep sharing, keep reading, keep following on social media. We will do our part and give honest reviews of all the Haunted Attractions we can get to.

Stay tuned, We have many more to go! 

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