Friday, October 7, 2016


Well, Today's blog brings us to the hardworking home haunters. These are people that work hard for a few months to prep for a couple nights of action. We will be stopping by these two attractions as soon as possible to give reviews and really showcase the amount of work that goes into setting up a home attraction. At Halloween Haunts 365, we wanted to showcase all size haunts. From the insane to the cool cemetery setup. Halloween Haunts 365 plans to cover it all. Giving Reviews and locations to the great lesser known attractions in the area that we cover. With that in mind, lets take a look at two right here in New Jersey. 

First one up is Psycho Trail. This was actually the first attraction that contacted us back when we first started in June. This is an attraction we are really looking forward to. From what we gather from the pictures and the setup, this could be an amazing show to see at a Home Haunt. We have been in contact with Psycho Trail since the beginning, and this looks like great work. See the pictures below. They will include all the information needed to visit this Home Haunt. 
Looks like this will make for a great visit once Halloween Haunts 365 gets there. After seeing those pictures in our email, this attraction was added to our must see list. With 5 dates listed and only a short drive from Philly and Surrounding Areas. You should all really make it out to this place. Plus donations are taken for Lyme's Disease. So and Win Win for everyone. Just go see it!

Next up on our Home Haunt Edition, Nightmare on 2nd Street. Being an extreme Nightmare on Elm street fan, the name alone jumped into my head. One of the best titles for a haunted attraction we have come across. Just like Psycho Trail, after receiving the pics and talking through Instagram. We cant wait to visit this home haunt. From conversations about different haunts, we could tell that Nightmare on 2nd Street really had a passion for the haunted attractions. So we are very much looking forward to reviewing and even talking to such passionate people. Here are some pics to get a feel for what we are talking about. 
Nightmare on 2nd Street is located at 1605 2nd St, Delanco, NJ. The will have two shows. October 30th and October 31st. Make sure all of you stop by. This is going to be a great haunt to check out. And follow them on Instagram at @nightmareon2ndst. 

That wraps up our second journey through the Home Haunts so far. We will be leaving shortly for Frightland tonight. Frightland won our votes last year prior to the website, so we are very much looking forward to returning and seeing whats new! It will be stiffer competition this year. We already have a tie at the lead with 5 Bloodsplats. Field of Screams and Bloodshed Farms. You need to stay tuned to see who will win and become Halloween Haunts 365's Number One Haunt of 2016. Keep it here, Lots of Haunts left to see! 

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