Sunday, September 25, 2016


Well guys, The meat of the Haunt Season is upon us. After all the endless days of work and rebuilding. The Haunts are ready to fire away. In this episode of Halloween Haunts 365 we will reveal our latest schedule for our visits to the local haunts. Another Big THANK YOU goes out to all of the Haunt locations that were gracious enough to extend an invite to our group. It is allowing us to visit haunts we would not get to before.

Well as I look at the schedule for our haunt season, I get disrupted by what Wide Receiver to start...I dunno that is a whole other problem in its self. Back to the Haunt Schedule....

Well we have completed our Field of Screams review. Thank you Jim and staff for playing great hosts and showing us the behind the scenes back in July. We learned so much and had a great time!

Next up is Friday, September 30th around 930 pm. Halloween Haunts 365 takes on a real prison! This will be our second trip to Eastern States "Terror Behind The Walls'
Reading from their website they have completely Re-done a few attractions so our team is looking forward to seeing what they pull off this year. As if walking through a registered haunted prison is not enough!

Next..Saturday October 1st around 6:30 we will take on for the first time...Bloodshed Farms..
Not to play favorites. But after meeting these guys and spending a couple very hot hours out there previewing the Haunt..Well lets just say WE CANT WAIT!!!!!
For Sunday October 2nd around 7pm we take on Shocktoberfest. This will be our first visit there. Last year between work and scheduling issues we never made it up there. But after doing my homework and seeing what this place has to offer. We made it a must see.
Now that is what we here call a Awesome Weekend! Now back to the schedule. On Friday October 7th around 7pm we will take on Frightland. We will be making our second trip to this location. And this was actually the first Haunt to contact us back when we started the page. And the first one we attempted because we fell in love with this Haunt last year. We know its a great night but really wanted to cover it for all of you.
Another cool weekend because on Saturday, October 8th we will head to Camp Evans Base of Terror. This will be our first trip. Thank you Camp Evans for reaching us on twitter and inviting us out for the behind the scenes look. We should be there about 7 as well.
Next Scheduled is Sunday, October 16th around 7pm at Valley Of Fear. This will be our first trip up to Valley of Fear. Thank you again for the invite and if time permits we will interview the Owner of this great operation.
Those are the locations we have scheduled. We still have to workout scheduling for Brighton Asylum. We were invited and will get back to the owners as soon as our group locks down the date. After looking this up on various websites we cannot wait to staple this one in the schedule.
Thats all of our confirmed Haunts so far. The list is always growing as we just added Camp Evans last week!

Also stand by as our Correspondent John has written a review for Jason woods
And also visited Fright Fest at Six Flags.
Stay Tuned for his Detailed Review of these two attractions plus more.

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