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This is it!!! The 2016 Official Haunt Season is upon us!

 We will open the season with a Full on Review of Field Of Screams! Located in Lancaster PA.
 Field of Screams has been open for 25 years and going very strong. It was really great to see on such a hot night how many people showed up and shared the love of Haunted Attractions.
Arriving at Field of Screams, our team got super excited. We could not wait to get out of the car and just go! Luckily for us we got there a good hour early. Which was killing our anticipation but was able to give us a real deep look into the extras that Field of Screams has to offer. Walking in from the parking lot you could see right away that this was an A attraction. Walking into the parking lot entrance you see a monster, Tons of Food Carts, An Awesome shop that yes I had to shop from. After buying my mug that I collect from everywhere me and the woman visit. It was Game Time!
Not game time as in let’s get in the attractions but actual game time. As in Field of Screams has Awesome, Tough but fun Games right in the center of it all. From Severed Head Basketball to a very creepy Ball Bounce game. To the standard break a dish with a baseball and a Zombie Football throw. This Center Court has so much to offer that FOS was already packed an hour before any of the attractions even open. The Energy started right away. With watching the Actors already engaging the customers with a Free, Yes Free photo booth. Located right in the middle of all the attractions was a photo booth that would snap your picture with actors and would text the image right to your device in a matter of minutes!
 Also just behind the free photo booth was an Awesome stage with Live Music Starting at 7pm. So not only do you get to enjoy some great food and fun games. You get to enjoy with a live band playing right there! And all of this fun before even entering an attraction.
Now it is down to business. After our team literally could not wait one more second to get into an attraction. We headed for Frightmare Asylum.
 Heading in through the queue line, you just see the detail right away. Walking up to this old, beat down building. With an old clock and gravel road. And a big hole in the fence as if a large something busted right out the fence. Even more detail followed even in the Queue line as our anticipation was driving us insane! Finally, we are about to enter our first Haunted Attraction of the season.

Once inside we knew right away this was going to be one hell of a night. Every room holding onto an Asylum theme but changing ideas throughout the entire walk thru. Some things we have noticed at other haunts while for the most part, ideas we have never even thought of. Not to mention just like most attractions at Field of Screams, a very long and winding walk through. Just when you think you are at the end. It keeps going, the fear keeps growing. This walk through like all of them here played out almost like combining weird dreams into one very original attraction. Now Time to score it!
Next up, Haunted Hayride

The great thing that we found about with Field of Screams was that they always have your entertainment in mind. Even waiting in line for the hayride you get entertained by watching this Giant Jack o lantern creature pictured below. Before you even start your journey there is something awesome to watch and see.
This Hayride was so Original that it is going to be very hard to write a Review without giving anything up. First off, This Hayride was more like a moving attraction then hayrides we have seen. With actual full on scenes that really take you out of the corn field and into the Horror. I will put this in writing that this is, so far. The Best Hayride we have entered in our years of Haunt Festivities. From the amazing movie like props and displays, to the echoing screams from 90% of the trailer. Every scene had a different feel and just all out attacked different fears of people. Did they use themes other hayrides? Sure, but they injected them with steroids and blew every show away! This is by far the most imaginative Hayride we have yet been to. And that’s saying something. This Hayride was second to none. Let’s see what the team came up with for scoring this awesome attraction. 
On to…..Nocturnal Wasteland.
This attraction was your basic terror trail completely redone. As you walk through the woods. You see a great deal of props and effects. With it running just like a great movie. From a little slow to What the Hell is That!!!! Every turn was more and more detail. From being in some backwoods repair shop to a sewer. This attraction also fed on many fears that different people have. This attraction also displays an amazing piece of science that we have hands down never ever seen in a haunted attraction before. That’s where I am leaving that. Want to know more? Get in the car! Here is what the survey says!......
Now onto the Den of Darkness.
 I loved this attraction. From the really cool detail to the building to the very cool queue lines. This was awesome from the opening room. Every room was such a surprising different theme that it really shook you. It was highly original and highly entertaining. While also helping you train for the marines. You will see. Again, get in the car. Because you can find out what we are talking about here. Just go! But really, from effective Hollywood props and animatronics to great acting and even crazy smells we never witnessed in haunts. We have always smelled some but this one blew it away. Almost every room messed with your 5 senses. This was a total and all around attraction. Now to the Scoring.

Well you have read what Field of Screams has to offer. Jim and Team did an outstanding job this year. We may even head back up to feel the cold and see these attractions again. That’s something we never did. Even before the blog we never went back to an attraction but before even leaving the parking lot we were talking about coming back. So let us get down to the Overall Scoring.

Field of Screams Received a

Guys, to make it simple. This is a 5-star haunt. There was no doubt about that when we took a vote as a group after every attraction. We all completely agreed as a team with the 5 blood splat rating. With the 4 of us having very different taste in everything from movies to food to more importantly Haunted Attractions. Our team gave a 5 blood spat rating with no recount needed. This is a must stop for anyone, Near and Far. Get up there now. They are open now. Find out all the information you need at 

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