Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I cannot believe it has been close to 6 months since the idea of starting a Haunts Blog had popped into my head. Thinking back, I remember thinking how there was no way that this would work. No one was going to read it. Who cared what I thought? What did I know about the Haunt business? Truthfully, not a whole lot. But thanks to a few awesome owners and great places we are signed on to see 8 Haunts. Now with over 1200 Twitter followers and close to 550 Instagram followers and countless others who have found us on facebook or pure luck. This page has reached extremely close to 4,000 views! In a time where only the obsessed are even thinking about this. While the Haunts were still hard at work we were able to manage almost 4,000 views. It blows my mind. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. Maybe because I am new to the whole Blog World. All I do know for sure is I cannot thank my team, the owners, the fans and all of you for being such a success! Thank you so much.

 Now, Down to it….

We are literally 4 days away from our first Haunt Review! First up oddly enough was our first ever Preview/Interview for the Blog. Field Of Screams. We have butterflies in the gut with this. This will probably be the 100th time in a Haunted Attraction but this year will have a whole different feel. This will officially start our journey. This will actually tell if all the hard work was worth it. We get to see if bothering all these owners and employees pays off. If the countless hours of coming up with a scoring system is worth it. We think it was but ultimately it will be up to all of you. The readers. The main reason for this blog was to just push the word of something we love and live for every September/October. A site for Haunt fans by Haunt Fans.

Back to Field Of Screams. Now I still remember the day we did the review like the birth of both my kids. Weird analogy sure but it’s a day that really threw us into the mindset that this may actually work. After going to haunts for years we finally FINALLY got to see the behind the scenes. It has always been an interest of mine to see how everything works. I get the electrical and the pneumatics with the actors and all of that but how the show really came together. What it really took in man hours to give people a really good scare. When everything comes together after months of work.
 Walking through the empty Field Of Screams location with Jim was like walking out on to the Phillies stadium when you were a kid. Getting to touch the attractions. Getting to look into the control room and realizing that maybe you really didn’t know all it took. Walking through the Asylum and getting to see how the Actors back door works. Getting to actually stop and see how the Sparkers are designed. Everything! Being able to stop and actually see the amazing detail Jim and his team were able to create in every scene. Actually stopping and seeing every prop in every room most people will miss when they run for their lives.

And now, after the dust settles we sit and wait for 4 days to hopefully fly by. Then load the whole team into the car for a nice drive up to Lancaster. Looking very much forward to seeing the Hayride in motion. Seeing the staff and what they have done since we last saw it. Watching everyone run out of the attractions. Watching everyone playing the awesome games.
 Well for now…As we all sit and wait….and wait…..and wait. 4 days until everything starts. 4 days until we see what we really have in a website. 4 days until we see if we have what it takes to be the Premier Haunt Review Blog. But most importantly…..4 days until all of the Fun for all of us begins. Check back after September 12th for our first official Haunt Review of 2016.

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Again, if you have a haunt. Big or small. Feel free to reach out to us on halloweenhaunts365@gmail.com. Big, Small, Home Haunt…we will cover it all.
Wish us luck! And talk to all of you soon! 
Cant wait to see you out there at www.fieldofscreams.com

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