Sunday, August 28, 2016


Well today we finally found a Spirit store open! We are thankful to have the Flagship Spirit Store about 45 mins away. Today we are going to review some of the awesome props we found at Spirit.

First, Lets take a look at something that is new to Spirit. This is a stack of skulls that spews fog all over the place. Not sure how it works or Timers or remotes but this was a really awesome addition that this Home Haunter is very interested in.
Pretty good looking piece when you dont have the time to make everything for your Home Haunt or Halloween Party. And at 80 dollars you get a nice piece with function. So way worth it. 

Next, We take a look at a three headed dog that we were pretty impressed with. Not really our theme for the Haunt but very impressive none the less. 
Pretty impressive setup by Spirit this year. This was when you walked in. Loved the gargoyles but no price tag....Weak. 

Lets not forget the kinda pricey Skeletons. Everyone needs a skeleton somewhere.
Another Great addition to Your Home Haunt would be these Path Markers. With 4 different kinds to choose from. They also have Skulls with a strobe light inside (not pictured). These will be purchased as soon as possible. 
 Here is a Awesome foam tombstone. Love the upside down cross. Makes this tombstone ultra creepy and will fit perfectly in most Home Haunt Cemetery scene.
 Spirit has a hotel theme set up. With all the new Animatronics in certain "rooms". Here is a look.
We Started a YouTube Page to feature the animatronics. Check it out here
We will also add a new post to get a full preview on the blog.

Well that is our first edition of Home Haunts. We know that people love making their own props but understand that Spirit is needed for quick fixes in a pinch of time. Saw a lot of awesome things this year. We will be making a ton of trips this year to see how to expand on our own Home Haunt. So Stay Tuned.

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