Saturday, August 27, 2016


So now that we are exactly 14 days away from our first Review of the season. Scheduled for September 1st in Field of Screams. We are getting anxious! Give us something! Not even the local Spirit store is open yet. Which is way ridiculous because watching on Instagram, A lot are! So why are the ones in the state where the Headquarters is located still not open. Someone Dropped the logistic ball on this one.

Anyway, Back to our projected schedule....

First up! Sept 10th at .....

Cannot wait to see this Haunt go live for the First time. Very Excited. The preview we had with The owners made us not be able to stop thinking about this place. Make sure you check out the schedule on their website to see when you can make it and what bands or entertainment is going on. Look forward to seeing you in the Terror!!!!

Next Confirmed Review would be October 1st! Halloween Haunts 365 will Review......
Also another first for us. After the review again we cannot wait to see what this is all about. Make sure you check out the website to see current events and Go! 

Thats all we have exact dates for. As we find more we will of course update. Keep Posted Here. 

Only 14 days away from the Greatest Season of All  Haunt Season!

Make sure you subscribe to our new You Tube Page. Watching people run for their lives will be Hilarious! 

And Spirit.....OPEN   What the hell.......... Home Haunters need love too, So if you have a home haunt feel free to reach out to us. 

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