Friday, August 19, 2016


Tonight we will take a look at the Haunts we have signed on to review so far this year. With September steadily coming, We are digging deep to see how many haunts we can cover for our fans. A Big Thank You out to the following Haunts that have been kind enough to have us out for a Review. 

Quite the Lineup! We have received a welcome from the listed Haunts. Halloween Haunts 365 will continue to contact other Area Haunts and are still working on collecting some more. So please, If you Own or Work at a haunt and don't see your haunt here? Please reach out to us at

Also, We have been working on a Rating System. We will rate every Attraction at each Haunt. This is still very much a work in progress and changes may occur. But just to give you an idea of how that will look....

                                                             "Haunted Attraction 1"

This so far is a template of what we are looking for. We may change a couple like animatronics. We will see how the first review goes. 

Then we will judge every attraction for a total score. Not sure how that will look so far. We will also then provide a "BloodSpat" rating for the Haunt All Together. Working on the Categories as we speak. Of course the rating of each attraction will be factored in to the Over all score of the Full Haunt. 

This will provide all of you with great detail on what to expect from every Haunted Attraction we cover. 

Well everyone, we are exactly just 22 days away from our first review! First up so far on the Menu will be Field Of Screams! After the preview you saw here at Halloween Haunts 365, you can tell this will be a great start and a great Haunt. Stay Tuned as we will continue to work on our rating system and how everything will work. We will update regularly with changes to our schedule and Rating System as it is growing and evolving every day. 

From Halloween Haunts 365......Til Next Time!

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