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First off we have to thank all of you for a record setting day on this blog. Thank you all for taking a couple minutes out of your day to read our work. Means so much to us. THANK YOU!!!

Tonight we will cover the interview we had with Jim and Clark, Owners and Operators of Bloodshed Farms. Located in Columbus, NJ. 

Walking the grounds of Bloodshed Farms with Jim and Clark was highly comical but also very educational. These guys have been around the Haunt industry for sometime. And fully love every part of it. 

For a little back story on how Bloodshed Farms came into reality starts with a couple home haunters that took that leap many of us Haunt fans dare to take. Going Big Time. Two great guys that took their passion to the next step. These two are full of amazing stories in their history of the Haunt Business. So like in Halloween Haunts fashion....We prodded them with hard to answer questions...

Q1. Anything added to the 2016 season?

A1. EVERYTHING! They reworked The Last Ride, The haunted hayride. Funhouse was completely Torn down and started again from the ground up. Changed the Prison to the Hellsgate Asylum. and reworked the Trail to add a woods walk thru. 

Q2. When does the planning period start?

A2. This team never stops evolving the ideas for the Haunt. Ideas come from every where. Always looking for the next big scare or next big scene. They start building 9 months before opening night.

Q3. How many people do you expect to visit this season?

A3. They really want to see 10,000 to 15,000 people this year. So make sure you get up there and have a great night. 

Q4. How long has the haunt been operating?

A4. This will be the 4th season Bloodshed Farms will be in Operation

Q5. What was the hardest attraction to construct?

A5. They were all tough and it was a hard decision but they came up with "The Last Ride" do to the full originality of the attraction. This is a must see hayride. 

Q6. What is the biggest obstacle during the day to day of the operating season?

A6. Crowd Control, Making sure everyone gets through on time and safely. Getting everyone through Make-up in time. Keeping on time in general. Keeping 90 people organized and on track nightly. 

Q7. What is your favorite attraction on the property?

A7. Now this was a great question. Due to the ongoing feud between the Hellsgate Asylum and the Clown O Phobia actors. Jim and Clark were short of words. But Clark's favorite attraction was The Bloodshed. Jim went with the Party area. Called it a Huge Halloween Party where you can stay, have fun with kick ass attractions. 

Q8. What is your favorite part about operating the Haunt?

A8. Combined, Jim and Clark came up with the Creativity. Its a big outlet to let the creative juices run. The love building and creating terrifying scenes, props and landscapes to scare the shit out of people. Putting their personal stamp on scares and attractions is what fuels these great guys. 

Q9. If you can change anything about the Haunt, What would it be? 

A9. More woods. Clark loves the idea of haunt walk-thrus going through the woods. They would add more if they could. 

Thats a good portion of our interview with Jim and Clark of Bloodshed Farms. 

Thank you so much for putting a couple important hours aside to sit with Halloween Haunts 365. We learned so much and we really enjoy and appreciate all that you do. 

With that said. Go to www.bloodshedfarms.com and plan your trip. The new calendar is up. Plus keep an eye out on their all new webpage. Cant wait to see it!  Til tomorrow! We have an interview with Grin, The famous clown, actor and builder of Clown O Phobia. 

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