Saturday, July 30, 2016


Halloween Haunt 365 is proud to present Bloodshed Farms in Columbus, NJ. On Sunday August 7th, Halloween Haunts 365 will be on location with Bloodshed Farms.

First off our team needs to thank Bloodshed Farms. We greatly appreciate having us out to Review and Interview this Haunt Location. The Owner and Operator is taking time out of his day spend some time with the team to see whats new and what to expect at BSF.

This will actually be the first visit for any of the member of Halloweenhaunts365. So we are going into this eyes wide open. Looking to see what attractions this place has in store. The team is looking forward to covering this for our fans and the Haunt. This site is not just for the fans, but also the haunts themselves. We know the long hard hours needed to pull off these massive shows every night.

This is for the New fans not sure where to head, For the experienced fan to see what has changed and where to head. And for the Haunts. Yes you may realize that this is not USA Today or the Press of whatever town. We have more then 20 years of experience in our team together of Haunted Walk Through and Attractions. So, where as the press can go to a Haunt and write their article. Great. But what do they know about these attractions? Its not like they have a Haunt writer that they just pull out of the mailroom. These are Interviews, Previews and Reviews from years of experience in this field.
4 Members that have been to more haunts then the average reporter.  This team knows how the attractions work, What it takes to build that 30 foot tall crazy monster in a hayride with 50 Air pistons and crazy technical control boards that have to time everything correctly. The tack welding needed to make that creature safe and sturdy. This team knows. And this team cares so much for the work of these amazing teams at these Haunts.

Now keep your self posted to  We are talking Daily to every haunt that wants us out there. And continuing to give Educated Deep Looks into these Wonderful Attractions. For anyone interested in having us out. From Huge Locations to Home Haunts  Feel free to reach us at

Again  Thank you all!!!!!

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