Monday, July 25, 2016

NFL Training Camp Begins Today.....What does that have to do with Haunts???

Well today 32 teams enter training camp. Training hard getting ready to put on a show. Sounds familiar to me. Also means my favorite time of year.

The air will start getting cooler, The Halloween merchandise will start dropping into all of our stores. And as the NFL kicks off on an awesome September day...So do the area haunts. All the Sweat, Blood and Tears of an entire years work goes off in September. So will Halloween Haunts 365. Thanks to some AWESOME owners of the Haunt establishments we have already locked down at least a review in 4 Great locations. We will keep working and reaching out to fill this Blog all season long with pictures and information without giving up the Scares. We will not stop working until we are the #1 informative site for these Attractions.

So far we have confirmed visits to the following Area Haunts.

Also in conversations with many more. But at Halloween Haunts 365 we could not be happier these Attractions are bring us out to at least Review. Also talking to a few more about interviews and previews. It is such a fun time here and our team is so excited.

Thank you to all the Sites that are Welcoming my team. This is why we do this. To get more people exposed to these Great Night Outs!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. As we will posting many many pictures of our journeys into the Haunt World. Also have some fun with Twitter Polls. The Reaction to these polls have been very entertaining.

Stay Tuned For More Updates Soon!   And Like I Said. All Haunts Big and Small we want to get to you. Feel free to contact us anytime at

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