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Welcome back everyone to Halloween Haunts Today we have a real treat. We were invited to a Media night to a Brand New Haunt from across the country. Located in Temecula, California. Temecula Terror is the latest and greatest coming from The Bloodshed Brothers. We were able to send a friend of the website inside to get the full Review of Temecula Terror. Let us get to Lisa's Review Now! 


Temecula has been a haven for attractions for many years and most notably for their coveted wineries. Located in the Inland Empire and sprawling with hillsides laced with windy roads, Temecula created an ideal palette for this year’s freshest horror attraction: Temecula Terror 2021.

Going in blindly to something new was exciting. Having no previous history or expectations, as well as venturing into territory that was more rural than most haunts I’ve experienced in the past, added to my anticipation. 

Upon arrival, I was greeted by hosts at the check-in stand, who then guided me into a cemented tunnel of green lights and smoke. It was considered the entrance to Temecula Terror and I was so intrigued as to what was at the end of that cryptic tunnel.  As I walked inside the tunnel, I was met with a sprinting character who appeared to be jester and clown-like. I already loved the mystery coupled with a jumpscare entrance prior to even entering the haunt. Definitely a nice touch!

Once at the end of the tunnel, I was able to grasp the layout and explore a bit prior to the official “opening” of the mazes and haunt attraction. To the right were vendor tents/booths, a stand and repeat sign that showcased the Temecula Terror logo for an optimal photo, food stands, as well as a single carnival ride. On the flip side was the entract to the hauntland, as well as three bars for cocktails. The most eye-catching part of the entrance was the giant devil with his mouth open as the gateway to enter and the signage that read: “Enter Here/Enter At Your Own Risk.” The art for the sign had a vintage carnival appeal and immediately piqued my curiosity. 

Before the mazes/haunts opened, I ventured around to check out the vendors. Unfortunately, the vendors didn’t quite seem to meet the initial feel for a Halloween/haunt attraction and just seemed irrelevant. There was so much focus on contemporary/bohemian fashion/jewelry, which didn’t quite seem to fit the overall theme. However, there were food and drink vendors that more than made up for this, as there was a fun selection of tasty options. 

There were a few core areas to snag a tasty drink, but the VIP Bar was definitely my favorite for premiere libations. Whiskey and rum were some of the strongsuited drinks, which were doppled with dry ice adding to a spooky vibe and almost cauldron-like.

Once the grand entrance to the haunt was announced, all of the scare actors paraded in and passed in a line showcasing a sneak peek of what was to come inside.
I first ventured into the line for one of the mazes closest to the entrance called “Hyde Street Haunted House.” I was immediately drawn to the ambiance of halloween decor, spooky lighting, and a feeling as though I was entering a real house which borderline a farmhouse. 

Once I entered, I was immediately amazed by how some of the rooms were decorated. It felt as though I was wandering someone’s personal quarters and taking a tour of their home. Each room was uniquely themed and quite honestly were picture-worthy in every way. One room theme was vintage Halloween full of blow-molds of ghosts, pumpkins, and more. Let’s just say it was a room I didn’t want to leave due to sheer Halloween aesthetic perfection. There was also a witch room, creepy doll room, and a hanging jack-o-lantern hallway that were equally magical.

All aesthetic and decor aside, there were fewer jumpscares of all the mazes and seemingly less scare/haunt actors in this maze. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, since what may have been lacking in scares, easily was made up for with incredible vibes, decor, and photo-worthy atmosphere.
Scoring for Hyde Street Haunted House. 

The second maze I dove into was called “The Crypt.” It was immediately eye-catching before you even entered as it had a fun cemetery full of gravestones and skeletons, as well as a giant flying demon right above the entrance door. This maze was much darker and had more involvement by the haunt actors. Definitely much creepier than the first.

Skeletons, demons, and giant spiders had some jump-scares that involved both animatronics, as well as haunt actors. One of my favorite areas in the maze involved their lighting in what looked like a green abyss. This was a massive illusion that was not only visually appealing, but also creepy due to a lack of vision and wandering into the unknown where jumpscares may have lurked.
Scoring for The Crypt. 
Last, but not least, was the third maze titled “Butterfield Asylum.” What’s a good scarezone and haunt without an insane asylum right? This maze was probably the best combination or aesthetic, theme, and jump-scare tactics. One of the most memorable things was also how incredibly vivid some of the dolls and mannequins were that were used as props, as they were incredibly life-like and terrifying. Major kudos to that makeup and visual FX. 

The scare actors seemed to have more of a storyline and interactions with the participants in the maze, which I thought was fascinating. It was almost as if we were part of the entire story, so it truly added to the context of the maze and made it that much more exciting and creepy. Both the room with the bunk beds, as well as the schoolhouse classroom had elements that reminded me so much of Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Devil’s Backbone,” as well as Session 9.

Scoring for Butterfield Asylum
Overall, the mazes were well-made, themed accordingly, and had some fantastic props. The haunt actors were doing a fun job with allowing me to digest each maze, yet equally doing their best to scare and entertain.

Even outside of the maze and within the courtyard, there was an overall circus-town and carnival-like environment which gave me some Rob Zombie movie vibes like in the film “31.” I love how that theme coupled with the notion that I was in the middle of a very rural wine-country, really felt like the perfect location for Temecula Terror. Definitely a fantastic event for some fresh horror fiends and ghoulish Halloween fans alike! Final Scoring for Temecula Terror! 
Wow! It looked like Lisa really had a good time at Temecula Terror! We owe a Huge Thank You to the Media Group there! Both Marissa's and The Bloodshed Brothers for having us out and diving deep into your Brand New Haunted Attraction. We wish you many years of success and cannot wait to come back. We will interview Lisa our Interviewer and Marissa soon on the You tube channel and post it here as well later on to keep it all together! 

That is all we have for you today at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Photo Drop of Some Great Images taken at Temecula Terror 

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