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Welcome back everyone to another edition of HH365! Today our slightly stalled fear wagon finally pushed on and is delivering another Haunt Review for 2021. Reapers Revenge. Our Brand is currently working on five Haunts this weekend so the coverage will be coming at you from all angles! Let us get to this review! 

This review will look a little different from most of ours from the past. The staff at Reapers held a "No Photo" request of all the Media and we are more then happy to comply. They gave us amazing access to their Media Gallery to maybe even make it prettier! Now! On to the meat! Dead Meat! 

Reapers Revenge invited us out to their 2021 Media Day. We were given an outstanding Behind the Scenes look into the magic that makes Reapers Revenge a World Class Haunted Attraction. It was a Fantastic day for us at HH365 as we were able to learn a ton and got to mingle with some of the Owners and Leadership team that really goes out of their way for their team and fans every year. A quick thank you to you all for some great insight into what it takes to build a Top Tier Haunt and what it takes to keep it running Year after Year. 

Like we mentioned earlier, this will look a little different. We will usually post a picture of the entrance and then get into the review. We have a picture of all of the Attractions Reapers has to offer and then we will go into the reviews! 

Haunted Hayride: 

I have been sitting in front of this computer monitor for close to a half hour to think of how to even put this Hayride into words that will even come close to justify everything we saw out there last night. The Updated 2021 Haunted Hayride at Reapers Revenge is the Best Hayride I have ever been on. There is no Debate. I do not think this will be beat in 2021. The Height of the Attractions. The Acting in EVERY scene. The Audio that surrounds your cart and many other Factors went into this. This Hayride Will Blow You Away and make you want to get right back on! I am not giving any spoilers, this is all the info I will leave you. This Haunted Hayride is enough for the price of admission and worth a many miles drive! Get There Now! Here is the scoring for Haunted Hayride. 
About 3/4 of the way through the Hayride you will exit the cart to visit another Attraction. The Lost Carnival. The Lost Carnival is one of the coolest Carnival Themed Haunted Attractions on the Planet. We get to go to a Boatload of Haunts across this country every year. We have seen many Carnival type Haunts but none and I mean zero that match what Reapers has done. From Real Carnival rides to Amazing Actors and a crazy Fun-House. The Lost Carnival has it all and will shake you. Let us get to the scoring of The Lost Carnival! 

After you finish The Lost Carnival, You end up right across the "street" from their Newest Attraction that opened Last Season. Delirium. Delirium is a 3D glasses Walk through like nothing we have seen before. We have seen this concept come up in other Haunts but with the Reaper's Tough, it is more intense and more in your face. The Fantastic Acting Crew inside Delirium really make the difference. You add them and the perfectly planted Drop Panels, This Attraction will be sure to startle even the most experienced Haunt Fans. We cannot wait to see what Reapers does with this going forward. Let us get to the Scoring and we were quite surprised with how we scored the 3D maze that we are never really big fans of until walking into this one! 
That is our first 5 bloodsplat review for a 3D Haunted Attraction. We were that impressed! After Delirium, you get back on the Hayride for a couple more Incredible displays and scenes and then you get off at the Notorious Pitch Black. 

Many Haunts will have "Blackout Mazes". Some will have a couple. But NONE can match Pitch Black. Pitch Black will shake and spook out the most seasoned Haunt Veterans. Pitch Black is not your usual Blackout. Pitch Black will screw with every sense you have in your body. It will tap in to your instincts and nothing feels right or the same. Keep your hands up and they tell you to take your Hat and Glasses off for a reason so make sure you follow directions. Let us get to the scoring. 
After experiencing the Best Blackout Maze I have ever been in that keeps getting better, you are ready for the last Attraction of the night. Sector 13. Sector 13 is a very intimidating look at an Outpost after a Virus or Zombie Apocalypse has taken place. You will be ordered in and questioned. There is massive Fan Interaction in this Attraction. From being taken to experimented on in front of your group. This Attraction really does a great job of bringing Fun to the all out Creepiness through out the Attraction. From being "De-loused" for lack of a better term to going through and seeing what all the mutants have done. This was a lot of fun and sometimes damn right intimidating. Let us get to the scoring of Sector 13. 
That wraps up our Review of the Attractions. Reapers Revenge also has a ton of food, a giant Fire to sit by when your chilly and many photo ops around the "Grandstand". There are also a few games to play and a Giftshop even though there were no mugs for me this year. I will let it go since this Haunt is in the lead for everything after what we saw last night. Let us get to the final rating of Reapers Revenge. 
We also had a chance to interview Todd who is a Co-Owner at Reapers Revenge and we will post that YouTube video right here. We Want to Than k Everyone at Reapers for an Amazing night filled with Horror, Knowledge and Behind the Scenes looks! We Thank You all so much! Let us get to this video with Todd and we will edit this review to add our Video Review Later! Thank you for stopping by HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 
Our Video Review of Reapers Revenge 2021:



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