Sunday, October 10, 2021


Welcome back everyone to the next episode of Halloween Haunts Today we continue our Haunt Tour to one of our All Time Favorite Haunted Attractions. Brighton Asylum. Brighton Asylum constantly lives up to the hype year after year and to not spoil the review too early, Brighton continues to blaze in its path to Greatness. 

Brighton Asylum is now made up of three Haunted Attractions. Port9L, Brighton Asylum and The Bleeding Grounds. Everything here starts by boarding an outstanding prop and activity. Just make sure you hold on as you enter The Port9L. 
Yes, we borrowed the picture from our friends at Brighton Asylum. No pictures can be taken inside of the Attraction and we will respect that. The Port9l is a hard one to explain because the Theme is all over the place and we love that. It is pretty much going through an abandoned Subway to reach Brighton Asylum. You will find shocks and crazy animatronics as you traverse some new walking conditions inside. I love the detail that Port9l brings and I enjoy watching this newer Attraction grow every year under the outstanding minds for Horror at Brighton Asylum. Let us get to the scoring of Port9l. 
After you make it out of the abandoned subway tunnel. You see the brilliant fa├žade of Brighton Asylum. 
Brighton Asylum is always my favorite walk through every year. 2021 is no different. The craziness and scares inside here are Legendary. This year the Actors were outstanding, The new scenes were out of this world and the Wife hit her "Hollywood" scream quite a few times inside. Brighton Asylum was the one to keep her screaming the most in 2021. We have quite a few more to go this season so we will see if anyone can get her to go off like that again. Brighton Asylum is exactly what it says in the title, a walk through Asylum where the locked up are free and ready to attack. When you add in Hollywood scenes and Outstanding Trained Actors, What you get is Brighton Asylum. A true visual experience for any Haunt Fan. Let us get to the scoring. 
Wow is really all I have to say about Brighton Asylum this year. Before we head on over to The Bleeding Grounds, I want to thank Stacy for providing some great feedback. Stacy is a great friend of the website even though she HATES all of this. Over time it is hard to tell how scary a place could be just because we are all so desensitized to these scenes and Horror. Stacy Bravely went through all three Attractions with us and really showed us the Fear is Real inside Brighton Asylum. Stacy, Thank you for being so Brave and I am really proud of you that you made it through All three Attractions. 

Now, after you finish Brighton Asylum, You enter The Bleeding Grounds. 
The Bleeding Grounds setting is set in the Employees of the Asylums housing. This is one of their newest Attractions and it does not look it. The detail and acting holds up to both previous Attractions. The rooms are out of your Worst Nightmares and the Actors are in perfect spots to make you wet your pants. Do you have what it takes to finish The Bleeding Grounds alive and make it out of the Final Attraction at Brighton Asylum. Stacy barely did but can you? I am leaving a lot out of this one because people need to witness this ingenious walk through on their own. I will however, share the scoring of The Bleeding Grounds. 
That is the scoring for all of the Attractions at Brighton Asylum. There is so much more to do including, Axe throwing, Escape rooms with many different timing choices to fit your schedule. We tried out the Bomb Squad 5 minute escape room and failed miserably. It was really tough for a five minute escape room but it was fun. They have an updated Horror Museum and great Gift shop and more. Brighton Asylum is great night out. Check out some of the sites in this small you tube video we made of our trip. 
As you can see Frankie is out there to get you along with other great Cast members. There is now so much to do its fun for the entire family. Here is our final scoring of Brighton Asylum as a whole. 
So far for 2021, We only have 3 Perfect Score Haunts. Will there be more? We will see! Below we will be recording a Video Review of Brighton Asylum below with some special guest stars. 

That is all we have for you today at Halloween Haunts! Where Every Day is Haunt Season. Also, Check out this Photo Drop of the great things to see at Brighton Asylum. 



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