Monday, July 12, 2021



WOW! What a great sight to behold as I clicked on the Stats of this website and saw it in six digits. It is unbelievable to us that in just under 5 years we have reached out to so many viewers! 

We love what we do. That is bringing you all the Haunt, Horror and anything down right Creepy to your computer screen. We are going into year 5 and what will be the biggest year for and the Haunt Industry we believe. 

We are seeing a ton of buzz around HHN for this Season. A lot of people ae excited about the map that was released. Make sure you get your tickets to that when you can because we have a feeling they may sell out for 2021 quickly! The Attractions look great and should be a great couple nights out! 

As for your Favorite Haunts. They are in the literal Heat of it! Building, Changing, Hiring and Designing your next scares for this upcoming season. We have not yet started out sneak peeks into our favorites yet, but it will begin shortly. We are interested in who actually built this year or who suffered the fate of the Great Lumber Sacrifice of 2021. I am sure our wizards of Horror and Spook will figure things out with or without the Lumber! They always do! 

We want to take this time to really thank all of you. The fans who support by reading. The friends of the site who help out with anything we need. Thank you all so much! 

We will be heading to a new Headquarters around August 31st. Just in time to really get the Haunt Season started so we can provide you with the best reviews and insight into Haunts, Horror and More! 

That is all we have for you today at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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