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Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we continue our Reviews of the 2020 season. As you can see by the lack of reviews coming out, We are completely booked with work and planning a wedding. You will still get all of the reviews you come to HH365 for but in time! We want to take this time to thank our Correspondent John for really taking on the load for the team. Here is his latest review of the 2019 Hayride Champions, Reaper's Revenge! Let us get to his review! 

Today I will be reviewing Reapers Revenge in Scranton Pa. This is my 3rd year coming here and it never fails to impress me year after year. Now let’s get into the review!

My friend and I pulled up to the parking lot at 9:30 and we always forget that they charge $3 for parking. Now with Covid, they require you to always wear a face mask, they do take your temperature before you walk through the metal detectors and after you sign your waivers for your group. Prices here are very reasonable at $40 for General admission and $65 for VIP. I do highly recommend getting VIP due to the fact that after we got our tickets from the ticket booth we found out that the line was 3 hours long! My friend and I went back into line and upgraded our tickets to VIP and it was time to finally start the attractions! 

The first attraction was The Haunted Hayride:

This is hands down one of the best hayrides in the country. The scenes, props, sounds, and actors are stuff that you would see in movies. The hayride begins by taking you to the Grim Reaper's Castle and man, the giant Grim Reaper animatronic is so breathtaking. After you meet the Grim Reaper you travel further into the woods and then you start seeing hanging bodies from the trees, then everyone’s favorite killer Michael Myers makes a appearance. I love how they use strobe lights here, they don’t over use them and when they do use them it’s actually effective. As you continue your journey you run into the girl from the Ring and every time I experience this scene it actually sends shivers down my body. You also have your standard Redneck moonshine scene but it’s done such much better here. The pyrotechnics on this hayride is like the strobe lights there so well done and not over used. The Graveyard scene is one of the most beautiful looking scenes and it is so well put together and if you’ve been to Bloodshed Farms in New Jersey then your going to be hearing and seeing a familiar song and dance. Now I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises but the hayride is split up into two different parts.  The way they split the first part of the hayride is amazing. Let’s just say the cops get involved. 

After you get off the Hayride you start walking on a trail through the woods and then you get up to the second attraction of the night which is The Lost Carnival. This is probably one of my only favorite carnival attractions because here at Reapers they actually make it unique and scary. Your walking through ticket booths, hell you might even get offered popcorn or cotton candy with special ingredients in it. One of my favorite scenes here is when your walking around a group of carnival games and you turn the corner and boom you see a full scale Roller coaster, a Merry go-round, and a Ferris wheel. The coolest thing is that the merry go round and the Ferris wheel are fully functional. It's too bad you can’t ride any of them hahaha. This attraction is pretty long I believe it was about 25 minutes depending on your group of course. Like I said before, This is hands down one of my favorite carnival attractions and I wish more places would do their carnival attractions like this. The Lost Carnival does lead into the new Attraction for 2020 which is Delirium 3D. Let us get to the scoring for The Lost Carnival!


Delirium 3D is the newest addition to Reapers Revenge for 2020. I was actually watching a interview about Delirium on YouTube which is on the Reapers Revenge YouTube channel and I was really surprised that it only took them a little less than a year to build this and especially with COVID. I am really impressed that they were able to get it done. The 3D glasses they give you here are similar to the ones that you can find at places like Universal or Disney on there 3D rides and shows. Right off the bat, I was a little skeptical about this attraction because of the whole 3D Funhouse haunted attraction like if you remember in my last review I wasn’t happy with how Fright Haven did their Funhouse attraction. I don’t like comparing haunts that much because each place does things their own way but Reapers once again knocked it out of the park with this attraction and more places should try to do it like them. Everything about this attraction was amazing props, actors, scenes it was just amazing. I honestly don’t even know where to begin. Actors were popping out of places you wouldn’t think they’d be able too. The 3D was pretty cool and actually worked. I know most places try to do 3D but sometimes the effects don’t really work like how they are supposed to. The house is also really colorful and bright. Let us score Delirium 3D


After you exit Delirium you get back on the Hayride for your final attraction for the night due to the fact that Pitch Black and Sector 13 are closed for the season due to Covid which is really a shame. The last segment of the hayride is about 10 minutes Shorter than the first part but in my opinion, I believe the second half is better. One of the best parts here is the Alice and wonderland segment. The lights, the Actors, the laser show above your head is just one of the best scenes here. You go down one of the well known scenes here which is the stretch of road where you see the shadow people watching you as your drive by and they keep multiplying. The last scene of the hayride is a very interesting way to end things here. Let us give that Hayride a Score!

I really did enjoy my time here at Reapers Revenge like I stated earlier every year I come here and it really impressed me how much they listen to their customers and are always improving. Now I left out a few things because I really don’t want to ruin all of the new surprises they added for this year as you should really experience it for yourselves. Now if there was one thing I wish they did here was off-season events, I know it would be a challenge for them especially in winter time if they did a Christmas themed event due to the snow. But, I really hope they try and find a way to do something along those lines. I really enjoyed my time here and I’ll definitely be coming back again. Thank you guys for reading I’ll see you in my next review, thank you guys for reading. Here is my Overall score of Reaper's Revenge 2020!
Another Fantastic Review from John and what sounds like the normal Outstanding Job out of Reaper's Revenge! Keep it here as we have a ton more coming down the trail! Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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