Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Welcome back to another episode of HalloweenHaunts365.com! Today will be alot like the rest of 2020 we are afraid. 2020, as we see it so far will be full of Haunted Attraction disappointments. We understand that all of the Attractions are doing everything that they can to open around us and around the Country. And for the sake of this site and all of our Haunts, we hope that they are able to have some kind of season.

As you can read in the picture above, One of the biggest Haunts has decided to close its doors well before the 2020 Haunt Season. What does this mean for our Local or Privately owned Haunted Attractions? What we see is below.

1. With a Haunt of this type, we know that the Government will more then likely get more involved in the private sector with such a different kid of business model. Especially with the crowding that takes place during the open nights.

2. Government is already a little confused about what these places are, so when they see such a big name close, it will send shock waves to the Private Sector.

A ton of Haunts right now are prepping for 2020. From advanced cleaning methods to ways to keep the lines "Social Distanced". But, it could all come to a sweeping end without anything they can do about it. This is not the news we like to deliver but its really the facts of 2020. It will only take a hand full of Governors who really never liked Halloween or Haunted Houses to pull the trigger on all of it.

We are keeping our heads up high right now and will continue to bother the Owners and Operators for what we can look forward to for 2020. Keep it here for all your Haunt News only at HalloweenHaunts365.com!

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