Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Do not mind the picture, that is Pennhurst Asylum. Just reminds me of better times then 2020.

We have been doing our homework on the upcoming Haunt Season. All of our research has been pretty much showing that Haunts are cleaning and preparing like never before to open for 2020.

That was until we read a column about North Carolina. Their Governor has announced that under the Phase 2 that they currently stand at, No Haunted Attraction may open under Phase 2 of that state. Who really knows what Phase 2 in North Carolina really means but either way, this is not good for Haunts across the U.S.

There are no real specifications of  Phases for each state. This entire Haunt Season for 2020 will really solely sit on the hands of what ever kind of Administration the state has. With the facts showing that flare ups of Covid-19 happening all along the South, Midwest and West United States, I can really envision a total wash for the 2020 Haunt Season. Even if your state has been not listed as a flare up, the Leadership will just follow plans on what their side is doing. So even if you are from bumble hell, whatever State and never had a Covid-19 tested positive in your County, there is a great chance you will still be shut down by the Administration in your state or County because no one really knows what is going on They will just follow each other like they have done since March.

I will tell you, these are not the type of articles I thought I would be coming up with in August with Haunt Season being a Month away. Well! We are still trying to stay positive and hopefully squeeze something out of 2020 Haunt Season! Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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