Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Will We Have a 2020 Haunt Season?

Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today we will go over our thoughts on what could possibly happen this season, No Haunt Season.

I really hate that I even had to type that out. But, it is almost the middle of May 2020 and nothing has changed since late March. I have been trying not to do an article about the big bad elephant in the room being Coronavirus or Covid-19. Now it is time to face facts that there is a 50/50 chance we get to enjoy our favorite past time this year.

I am originally from Atlantic City , NJ. So, I follow what is going on at shore towns especially that one. Coming up later this month they are opening the beaches but you cannot even sit down on them. If sitting on a beach is still a problem in late May, what will September bring? Right now should be a time of celebration and investigating new Attractions and start looking into Haunt Schedules to create our tour for 2020. Not this year. This year so far we just wait and see what happens. We are hearing rumors of not even allowing Concerts until 2021 but Baseball starting July 1st.

There is a ton of misleading information and guessing. I have not bothered any of the Owners to see what their plans are because the last thing they need to do is keep guessing just to answer questions. We are pretty sure they are spending the time in Social Distancing building and hoping for the best.

We wish we could deliver an answer about 2020. I know everyone is planning on opening, but if we take a look back over the last two months. No one or no thing really understand when we can return to a form of normalcy. We will continue to bring you updates when they are made available. We will continue to hunt for new things coming to your favorite Haunts and keep HH365 a happy place during this as we have been.

Again, not the article we wanted to write but it needed to be said that there could very much be No Haunt Season in 2020. Writing that again just hurt me deep again. So, We will end it there and make sure you keep it here to HH365 for any news and behind the scenes! HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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