Thursday, April 16, 2020

Haunted Attraction Profit and Loss Part 5. Keeping Attention In The Offseason

Welcome back to HH365! Today we will return to Haunted Attraction Profit and Loss. Today we will look into Keeping the Attention of your fans and newcomers during the off season and what we have seen to be successful.

Haunt Season is easily one of the shortest season to capitalized on. Trust us we know! We hate how short the season is. But what that means for Haunted Attraction is that the work to gather crowds starts way before opening day! They need fuel a fire before people know about the fire! We have seen a couple techniques we found pretty interesting.

#1. Off Season openings. Yes, this one can be tough. It could be hard to lock down actors and actually have the revenue to open in the off season. But it is well worth the try. We have seen quite a few pop up for Christmas, Valentines Day or even April into May. This will bring your haunt back into everyone's mind when they see that you are open for an odd event. You can flood Social Media and Emails with the fact that your open! We understand not every Haunt is capable of doing this. But maybe, offer a behind the scenes look once a month for a small fee. Show off a little of what you have been working on so hard for the past months but do not give up the whole show. Take an hour a month and walk some folks through your Haunted Attraction for a smaller Fee during the day. That will give you a 80% chance they will be back to see the show full on in September. Plus, it gives you a chance to recruit. People that interested in behind the scenes tours are really into this Business and you may find some gems.

#2. Social Media Presence. Some Haunts do this to an A+ rating. Some do this in August and hope it kicks in. No, no no no. There really needs to be an around the year presence from your Social Media Outlets. At least a once a week post about whats coming, what you guys did last year, what new things do people want to see in the coming season. Have some fun with this. You work hard every day on your Haunt, why not show it off? Post weekly, create games, create giveaways. Become the Year long fun Attraction. Then watch your profits soar in September. 99% of what you do on Social Media can be free! Have fun doing it. Create a following. Keep your Attraction in the fore front.

#3. Giveaways and Contests. Everyone loves Free Stuff! Start campaigns around getting your name known way before the start of the season in any outlet you can find. If you are unveiling a new Act, Attraction or Side Attraction, have a contest to name them. Best name receives a free entry into the haunt with some coupons for food and or events. Not only will it be almost completely free Marketing, you will keep your name on the brains of your followers and new Haunt goers.

Well, that wraps up this edition of Haunted Attraction Profit and Loss-Keeping Attention in the Off Season! We have a few more of these left so keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season.

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