Wednesday, March 18, 2020

What we learned in 2019 part 2 Build Your Brand At Haunted Attractions

Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we will continue the segment about What the 2019 Haunt season taught us about Haunting. We enjoy doing this site not only because we love visiting Haunts and seeing what changes every year, but we also enjoy learning the inside tracks of every Haunt we visit.

Today we will talk about Building the Brand. This tactic is not much different then Businesses and Corporations alike, In fact, Much more important for a Haunted Attraction business. Unlike Monster Corporations, Haunts have a product to sell that not everyone is fully aware of but for one month out of the year. Pretty scary if you think about it. An entire Haunts Life Cycle lasts about 3-7 weeks depending on how long they can open for in their area.

So without 365 days of interest from 99% percent of the population, Growing your brand is so much more important in the Haunt World.

It is very important to leave a lasting impression every night of occupancy. This is mandatory for any Haunt that wants to stay open longer then five years. We have seen already so many Haunts have to shut their doors because they have not caught the consumers attention.

Another key way to improve marketing and building the brand would be merchandising. Make sure you are selling at least one thing with your logo, from coffee mugs to t shirts. This will keep the public's attention even in the off season when they pick up that mug or look through their closet. Not only will this help fund your haunt as there are so many great deals on printing product, but will keep you in the main public's thoughts through out the regular year and will help with repeat customers. Even the smallest Haunt should at least stock 50-100 T shirts. It marketing, profit and brand all in one.

This has been one of the biggest things we were taught in 2019. Make sure you build your brand every year and keeping adding to your Attractions. This will keep the people coming back year after year.

That is what we have for you today at! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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