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Welcome back everyone to the next episode of HH365! As you can see from our attempt at making cool effects in photography, we should probably stick to doing Haunt Reviews as we will Review and Discuss Bloodshed Farms for the 2019 season. 

Let us sit down and talk about how Bloodshed Farms is becoming one of the top Haunts in the State and holding its own against the bigger haunts that have decades over them. Bloodshed uses its Haunt enthusiasm and determination to put on a show that other haunts twenty years older do not even attempt. The amazing ownership team at Bloodshed are not new in any means to Haunting but this location is new by Haunt standards. Let us get to the review as we had a great night out at Bloodshed Farms. Thank you guys for your time and hospitality. we look forward to it every year and you never seem to stop working ever! 

Bloodshed Farms is comprised of four major attractions. A courtyard with benches to relax, hang out and eat some fried oreros. You can play some midway games.
There is also a mobile escape room to take part in and some pumpkin smashing going on over by the Hayride. Bloodshed Farms would not be complete without The Bloodshed. The Bloodshed is a separate attraction that you can do if you are willing to face the attraction Solo. 
 Yes, she is looking for more blood for her Shed. This is very much not Cheryl's She Shed. If you are in for a more extreme fright, hop on in to The Bloodshed. Now, let us get to the meat and potatoes of this review. The Attractions. 

After catching up with one of the Owners and Managers we saw a very large opening crowd break out from their new entrance way. The main picture is the new Entrance to this courtyard or midway. We watched as the entire group entering were heading for the Hayride. We then decided to check out the Trail of Terror after hearing all about the new upgrades they made to their Trail during the off season. 
Trail of Terror has been my least favorite Attraction at Bloodshed. I will be honest. This was always just a long walk with some decent jump scares. Very little actors and a lot of missed opportunity. Well, Times change and so do Haunted Attractions because they hit the nail on the head with this Trail of Terror for 2019. The added some outstanding scenes, some great lighting and every Actor was on point. The entire Attraction felt super immersive and new. We may be wrong but it also seemed to be a bit longer, a good five minutes longer. We know that this management team is no where near done with what they want this Attraction to be as there were some very big missed opportunities for some big jump scares. Let us get to the scoring. Also, make sure you pick the correct pumpkin, the results can be disgusting! 
After the Trail of Terror we headed over to the Hayride. 
Even before we entered a wagon, we have a new scene. Also had this guy lurking around.
The Hayride is themed to be your last ride on Earth and the crazy Hells you can face. After talking to Lars, an Outstanding wagon Escort, we were on our way. It is hard to describe the Bloodshed Haunted Hayride. I guess you can say that Bloodshed does its own thing when it comes to most of their Attractions instead of following the status quo for most Haunts out there. Was the goal to make the scariest Hayride in the world? No. But Hayrides don't need to be. Bloodshed makes it fun for the entire wagon, not just the Haunt fans. This hayride will make you laugh and scream all in the same trip. We were happy to see a bunch of new scenes and ideas. I was not to happy to receive a lap dance from a stranded soldier warning us about gaping Aliens! It was funny though. The costumes looked great and the masks even better, you can tell right from the first scenes that a lot of time and effort were put in to the Hayride this year. Let us get to the scoring of The Last Ride. 
After the hayride we walked on over to Hellsgate Asylum. 
After being greeted by an actor breathing into a respirator we were on our way into this Attraction. The one big noticeable attribute is the Actors in this Attraction. There are some good detailed scenes but the Actors really bring in the Insanity. As you go deeper, they go crazier. This Attraction also includes the only White Out maze in the area that we have seen. I love the effect fog and light create to where you can see white, but you cannot see anything in front of you. It is such a nerve wrenching effect and we love it! This Attraction was great and we loved the added detail and that we can see it from the Midway. Let us get to the scoring. 
After finishing up at Hellsgate Asylum. We made our way over to our final Attraction of the night. Clownaphobia. 
Clownaphobia is always a fun walk through. This year was no different. Great acting again brings this Attraction to life. Some very good clown scenes cross across this decently long Attraction. They added a few neat things inside and added more detail. They also have a great puzzle about three quarters of the way through that you can really get your money worth out of it. This can be your normal length Attraction or it could turn very long, depending on what door you choose. Again, the Actors lead the show in this great Attraction. Let us get to the scoring. 
That wraps up our Attractions Review of Bloodshed Farms. We also decided to partake in the deliciousness of Fried Oreos. A must have for a chilly Fall night. Also, almost got myself murdered by lurking too close to Clownaphobia. 
Before we give the Overall score. I want to give a huge Thank You to Jim and Clark for your hospitality and Work. We love coming out to your Haunt every year and watching it turn into one of the finest in New Jersey and surrounding areas. We love the passion you and your Crew have for bringing the Haunt alive for every Season. Keep up the amazing growth! You have fans in us! Now, for the Overall review of BloodShed Farms Fear Fest! 

Bloodshed Farms was a ton of fun. And we have many more to bring you here at HH365! So keep coming back every day as there is always new content. HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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